Math 10 Week 16

This week I learned how to convert                                                         between different forms of equations of a line. I also thought it would be important to teach you how to find the y and x axis intercepts if you don’t already know.

Ex. (-2, 5) (4, -13)

Point Slope Form:                         m(x – x1)= y-y1

General Form: Ax+By+C=0

Slope-y Intercept Form: y=mx + b

  • m is the slope
  • b is what you’re going to be isolating
  • b is also what the y intercept is going to be
  • The x and y in the equation is going to be taken from one group of coordinates

You need to know the slope for this form, the slope is -3

I’m going to choose (-2, 5) for my x and y coordinates in the equation you also need to simplify

The y intercept is -1 (this is the b in the y=mx + b)

Slope-y intercept form is: y= -3x -1

To convert from Slope y Intercept to General Form: Ax+By+C = 0

  • All you need to do is move y to the side where x is positive and if x is not positive then you move everything on the -Ax side to the y side.

Point Slope Form : m(x – x1)= y-y1

  • Super fast and easy

All of the equations mean the same thing and get the same line.