Math 10 Week 4

Some Clarification

This week I cleared up a few misunderstandings.

  1.  I learned that exponents are very lazy and are only attached to whatever is in front of it. The only exception is when there are brackets. Then the exponent is forced to multiply its self with any hidden and visible exponents in the brackets.
  2. I also learned that if there are brackets and the exponent on the outside is negative it means the whole equation is unhappy, and you are allowed to reciprocate the entire thing. Then everything will become positive. But don’t forget to multiply the exponent on the outside to the ones on the inside.
  3. One other thing I learned is, if a negative number has a negative exponent it does not become the coefficient does not become positive when moved to become happy. You also need to remember that if the negative coefficient has brackets it will be a different answer than without. Make sure you watch for this common mistake 🙂

See below for pictures

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