Polynomials unit post

To my knowledge a polynomial is any equation with4 or mor term. If there is one term its called a monomial, if there is two terms a binomial and three terms is a trinomial. For example (3vy – 4) is a binomial, (8yx) is a monomial, but (8xy + 3vy – 4) is a trinomial, and so on for polynomials. The degree in a polynomial is how much the exponents in each equation are worth for example, 4 to the two plus 5 to the three plus 6, the degree would be five. One trick i always used was a term can only be eparated by a (+),(-) or (x) sign.

Green House Project


We have been given the challenge to make our houses we constructed energy efficient.


This problem has been addressed before by companies creating and installing solar panels and light dimmers to conserve energy. When purchasing a house most family’s look for an open concept house with lots of windows for natural light. Thinking that this would conserve energy these purchasers do not consider that the more windows in a room the more energy would have to be used to heat that roomful to the act that windows are not insulated and will release heat while letting in cold temperatures form the outdoors.


The following solution would not work if your inserted in a forested area, but could be a very conservative solution, painting the outside of your house black. Lazer sensor lights are a good electrical bill saver if your known to leave your lights on throughout the day. Water filters can save wild life and conserve wasted quantity’s of water.



considering the shade black is the most insulatory of all colours, having the outside of your home painted black would attract the most heat and eventually save a heating bill. White, If your looking to saving energy through lighting painting the inside of your house a light shade of white or gray would carry light rays throughout the house.

On an ordinary day most houses light are left on throughout the day when the owners go to work or out shopping, our solution of laser sensored lights is to ensure that lights are only on when a room is being used. This solution can save not only the environment but save peoples money too. Yes, labor sensors sound expensive but at the end of the day it is a big money saver, I don’t know bout you but these labor sensors are no different than the ones in my garage so that the door stops closeing if something is underneath it.

On an average day in one household about 70 litres of water are wasted just doing the dishes. With the water filter system the dirty water will be able to be reused and will reduce waste in oceans and wild water pools therefor extinction will be reduced in wildlife. Not too different from the filter in your neihborhood pool this filter is large but not over a couple hundred dollars.


Everything You Need to Know about the Garage Door Sensor Repair & Replacement Cost





Science 9 house project

If when unscrewing a light bulb from your circuit makes your whole circuit shut off, then this is proving that this is in fact a circuit in series.

If when you unscrew a light bulb from your circuit does not shut off the whole circuit but that one light bulb, proves that this is either a parallel or complex circuit. Depending if there are two lightbulbs or three will determine if its parallel or complex.

In a complex circuit the light bulb before the parallels would be most bright considering the electrons would go thought that light bulb first.

In a complex circuit there are two light bulbs in parallel then one bulb in series to the parallel bulbs. To unscrew one of the parallel bulbs would make the complex circuit act more as if it were in series. (circuit would still light up and be fully functional).

I feel that I did very well on this project and was very organized considering I previously constructed the structure of the house to bringing it in. I had to bring most of the materials including all decorations, props and extra batteries. School is very important to me therefor I am very committed and like to take control when I feel some things must be better. I mostly constructed the circuits while Colby drew the circuit diagrams. We all helped equally with the decorations. If I were to go back in time I would’ve told myself  to choose groups more wisely to ensure that they are as committed as me.



Three key things I learned about exponents is that exponents are just repeated multiplication in shorter terms for example 5 times 5 times 5 would be expressed as 5 to the power of three. If there are two exponents with the same base you can add the exponents together for example 5 to the three inbrackets then a power of two outside the brackets would be simplified to 5 to the fifth power. If there is an exponent as in 5 to the 3 in brackets then 2 to the 3 in brackets that can be simplified to 10 to the sixth power.

Element cube

1. My questions were from the outline that ms Jackson had given us. I had to research the history of the element (ex. Who discovered it, who named it etc.) features and properties (ex. Colour, state at room temp. And common uses etc.) and the symbol (atomic number,average atomic mass etc.).

2. Before starting my research I used any information I had previously known befor staring this project (ex. Worksheets, and information we had learned through out the unit). After filling in my known information I started my research. My most used search engine was google but I had also used Bing, YouTube  and other search engines to find different information.

3.  I kept the rubric on front of me at all times and would research the questions. I would read the whole article then write down the information i found in my own words (I don’t usually work in point form), after writing my own three paragraphs on paper I imported it to my device where i had typed on a digital outline of the cube.

4. I would only take note of information that resources had agreed on, to help insure that the information was valid. I would also read the page befor taking note in case there were hints of invalid information.

5. I probably could have used more resources and gotten more pictures and models too support my information.