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Weekend Article / Poem

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Find Out What Jerrico 
Does on His Weekends

The super slothful Jerrico wrote on what he does every weekend. “Uneventful,” he said, “My weekends are very uneventful. This past weekend, I barely did anything. I just slept, ate, watched T.V., take a bath, read, ate, slept, and ate again.” He said with a proud face while proclaiming that his lazy and simple life is the most relaxing.

From what he said, he never goes out of his bedroom unless he wants to get food and eat. “I’m always locked up in my room, wrapped in blanket during the weekends. Of course, I also help my parents in house chores, but I rarely do it. Yes, I am very lazy,” he said. He claimed on one of his interviews that he never liked going outside, “If possible I would like to be wrapped in my blanket in my room for a long time,” he added.



Sunday’s Indolence

Going home in a rush, I quickly succumb into sloth.

The bed, as if its a temptress, seduced me.

The blanket, her sister, wrapped me around her arms.

My eyelids, like the heaviest stone,

I couldn’t open them up.

The moment I awaken from the slumber that took 8 winters,

Yawns escape from a mouth, a stomach growled.

The yellow light,

Coming through the window,

Touches my face, as if caressing me.

Two feet stand up,

Walking towards the Eden that satiates the stomach’s hunger.

Two hands reach out for the ripe and smooth green lushes,

And the crispy and salty chips.

After a stomach wasn’t famished anymore,

A hand immediately grabs a dead wood of knowledge and stories,

Containing ink sculptures inside it.

Before I knew it,

An ephemeral eternal bliss went by,

And the ecstasy I experienced gives me a heartache.