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IT10: Restaurant Project

Click here for the Menu document

Click here for the Sales Projection

This project is about doing an imaginary restaurant, including the following: the menu; the sales projection, a broadcast (commercial, radio), etc.

While doing this project, I learned about how to create an accurate chart in Excel, how to do a formula in Excel, how to merge two or more cells into one in Excel, etc.

In this project, I am mostly proud on my charts, I believe that they are well done, especially the ratio chart.

If I could another chance to recreate my project, I would improve my menu. I think that my menu lacks something and I didn’t put what is necessary like baked sweets.

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IT10 Project: National Research

Click here for actual document

This project is about searching or researching about a certain country and doing a tourist pamphlet so they could go to this certain country.

I had to search for tourist attractions and such.

In this project, I learnt things like how to do headlines and how handy are they if I want to edit them, how to place pictures in/near the texts.

I am mostly proud of the visuals of this project. They might look lousy, but that’s the most important part since this project is about attracting tourists, and I think that the visuals look pretty enough.

I can improve my projects by having less texts and adjust the pictures. 

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IT Project: PowerPoint – Story

This project is about creating an animated children story using PowerPoint.

I recreated the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant.

I learnt about many things while doing this project, such as how to use timing properly, how to remove unnecessary background from a picture, and how to move an object from one place to another however you want.

The part I’m mostly proud of is the timings I made, I never would’ve expected that I will make the timings and movements of the objects great. And that part is the part I worked hard the most in this project.

I think that I can improve my project by presenting more appropriate visuals, like backgrounds. I find this project lacking in background in visuals.

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Scratch Movie

Last time in the Scratch unit, we made a game, and now we’re making a recreated film! In this project, we’re going to make a very short film or a condensed form of a movie.

So in my project, I chose to recreate an animated film called “Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Lights.”

The movie was so good and beautiful! I chose this movie because it left a very powerful thought and feeling to me. As I said, it was very beautiful and dramatic. It really inspired me. Like no matter how many times I watch this movie, I will still think that it’s beautiful. It leaves us many lessons. When I watched the animated film, I felt happiness, sadness, pain and also anger.

Moving on about that, I’ve made this short film by some Scratch skills I learnt from the previous Scratch Game project. Like the events where if you click or press a certain button, something will happen. Also, in the control unit where I placed a block where you have to wait for seconds for something to happen. And also, about switching the sprite costume or the background.

While recreating this film, I learnt how to broadcast a message and to receive a message through sprites. Broadcasting was the one that made my film continue playing.

I enjoyed this project because it was pretty exciting and enjoyable. It’s like, “Will I be able to do this?” “Will I produce the desired outcome I wanted?”

And that’s all. Go here to see the actual project.


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Scratch Game

So, in this post we will talk about what I learned from creating a game in Scratch and other things.


Firstly, let’s take a look at the game I made. So the purpose of my game is to get the red dots and to avoid the light blue debris. This is some of the screenshots I took from the game: 



Now, we’re going to talk about what I learned from creating a game using Scratch and from the lessons:

  • Movements ─ I learned about how to move a sprite in one place to another. Examples are gliding, walking, moving, randomly moving a sprite from one place to another.
  • Looks / Costumes ─ I learned how to change the sprite’s costumes. Also, changing the background of the game.
  • Sounds ─ I also learned how to put sounds on the game. Like when you pop something in the game, I can put a ‘popping’ sound when that happens.
  • Variables / Data ─ This was the hardest part of using Scratch. The purpose of this function is the constantly moving variables such as time, score, etc.
  • Events / Controls / Sensing / Operators ─ This part of using the Scratch is rather easy. It’s easy to understand since these functions are easy to use. The events is for something like the key to make a script function. The control is just as it says, it’s the controller of the script, example is when you want to repeat something. Sensing is like the controls but is different in a way, for example, if you want something to happen when the A sprite touched the B sprite, sensing is the function you’ll want to use. Operators are used for scripts of math equations and handling strings, they can connect two or more blocks if needed.


Lastly, we’re going to talk about how I made the game. Firstly, I made 6 sprites, the purple box that you control, the red dots that you want to get, and the light blue debris that you nee to avoid. Then, I made 3 backgrounds. First is the background before you play the game, second is when you’re playing the game and last is when you lose. After that, I added some blocks to the purple box to make it move around using the arrow keys. Then, I added some blocks to the red dot to make it appear randomly within the game and score one every time it bumps to the purple box. Lastly is the light blue debris, I added some blocks to it where every time the purple box bumped into it, the background will change to the ‘lose’ one and the game is over. It is still faulty cause the red dot could also appear at the debris.

Here are some screenshots of the blocks I used:

Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19

***If you ever want to play or see the game here is the link:**