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Surface Area vs Volume

In this post, we will differentiate the difference between the surface area and volume, but later on we will focus only at the surface area.

Firstly, what is surface area? Surface area is the total area of all the faces of a 3D object.

Lastly, what is volumeVolume is the measure of the amount of space in a 3D object can occupy.

So we did an activity about finding the surface area of those 3D objects. We also built objects that looks like them exactly, so we’re going to solve the surface area.


1 unit; 3 width; 2 height; 4 length.


Formula = 2(l*h) + 2(w*h) + 2(l*w)



2(4*2) + 2(3*2) + 2 (4*3)

= 16 + 12 + 24

= 52 u^2