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Newspaper Article

In our class. we made a newspaper article related to the story On the Sidewalk Bleeding – a story about a young man named Andy who was a member of the Royal group and now in the brink of his death.

Click here for the document.

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Gender Inequality / Equality – Emma Watson’s He For She

Click here for the actual article.

Click here for Emma Watson’s full speech.


  • What is this article all about? Who does it involve? Why did you choose this article?

This article is all about feminism. Emma Watson is the main person involved. It is about ‘feminism’ but after reading Emma’s speech, I’ve come to think that what her message is like humanism in my point of view. After all, not only did she mention how unfair it is for girls, she also mentioned of how unfair it is for guys too. She also talked about that the guys should participate in this, too. Also, about how many society issues is because of gender inequality. In her speech, she also spoke about how did the feminism changed throughout the years. She said that feminism insists the girl’s rights, not girls doing or saying whatever they want. I chose this article because it really caught my interest, especially her speech. It’s like she’s saying that we humans should be equal, which is present in almost of the gender inequality / equality articles. But what caught my eye the most is that she clearly knows what feminism means. I’m not a feminist but I’m really attracted to her speech. She is a great model for the feminists.

  • How does this news article relate to the story we are reading- The Friday Everything Changed?

I believe that it relates in the story because girls can’t carry the water bucket. But Alma insisted why can’t girls carry them, which is like asking ‘why can’t girls do what boys do?’ It’s not that they don’t do it because they can’t, I believe Emma said it too, “If anyone is being stereotyped by society’s expectations of being a man or woman, then gender inequality is an issue.” It’s like they can’t carry the water bucket because they are a girl, where they think that girls are weak compared to the boys.