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Immigration Journal Project


For this project, I was supposed to do some sort of journal depicting a person who migrated to Canada during the Great Migration. I impersonated a Black slave whilst writing letters as to present his journey to achieve freedom from being a slave. The most successful thing I’ve done in this project is, I think, the feelings that was portrayed from the letters. If I were to be given a chance to modify the letters, I would change the first part as it was a bit cheesy. While I was in the process of writing the letters, I learned some things but I think the most important of them is the moral value that I grasped – that I should be satisfied with what I have as others might not have them or have difficulties having them, and if I am not satisfied, then I should work hard as to achieve it. Another thing I’ve learned is that living in the past is harder than we think, there might be some happy people, but there were a lot of conflicts. Nonetheless, I had fun impersonating a person I never thought I would ant it was nice thinking about their perspectives.