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Racism: Then and Now

Back then, racism was more violent.

Wars started because of discrimination against people of colour, especially the blacks.

Some wanted to separate the whites from the blacks. Interracial adoption wasn’t legal. No marriage between the races.

Violent actions were made.


Both blacks and whites created their organization against each other.

The blacks created an organization called the Black Panthers, which used violence against whites and the Jews. The black race used this against the racist whites. Though, they had to face constant threats, brutal attacks, and death threats from white police and KKK.

KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was created by the English immigrants who migrated to America in the Post-war Depression. Claimed true Americanism by making America an all-white country.


Social rules that discriminated against the other races were made.


Nowadays, racism is placing stereotypes and prejudice to people.

Although it is a huge improvement of society’s racism issues, the violence that others took and the degrading words that others tell about people are not excusable.


Also, the false and negative assumptions about someone is a thing that must be taken out of our society today, because, for example, if you’re black, people assume that you’re ‘dangerous’ and up to no good. And it’s a sad thing that they have to go through that.

In fact, there was a case of a black person being shot just because he was deemed as “dangerous,” and the person felt threatened so he decided to shoot him, which is a very stupid reason why you would kill someone. He even claimed that it’s for “self-defence,” even though the black man did nothing to him.


Sometimes, racism leads to bullying; mocking them for who they are.


In my opinion, albeit racism has improved for the better, it still hasn’t changed. The lingering hate against each other- or each other’s races, rather, still exists. Some people are still mistreating others from their skin colour and origins and I think that it’s very disgusting. Like was said earlier, although the level of discrimination has decreased, we cannot ignore the violence, bullying, and sometimes even killing. Even though the slavery system was abolished, others are still suffering from the tight grip of racism; they are treated unjustly and unequally, which hasn’t changed in any way, comparing it to ‘racism’ back then. 

“A person’s worth is not based on their skin colour, where they came from, or their race. A person’s value comes from who they are, and not what they are.”

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Modern Sonnet

Sonnet Assignment 




This throbbing heartbeat seemed eternity

Days crying, sorrowed face reflects the moon

In fragments of ethereal vanity

Daylights disappeared, fading into tune


The feeling utterly felt was lament

The autumn twilight took my breath away

Dusk’s wind froze, albeit my cheeks not resent

Daze embraced shadows, leaving me in grey


Those sombre eyes, staring elegantly

Dance of our heartbeats, passions and desires

These walls around me are breaking gently

Dazzles of the monochrome world, like fires


Those feelings felt with beauty are treasures

The darkness gained colours, turning to blurs

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Weekend Article / Poem

Document for the article and poem: Click here



Find Out What Jerrico 
Does on His Weekends

The super slothful Jerrico wrote on what he does every weekend. “Uneventful,” he said, “My weekends are very uneventful. This past weekend, I barely did anything. I just slept, ate, watched T.V., take a bath, read, ate, slept, and ate again.” He said with a proud face while proclaiming that his lazy and simple life is the most relaxing.

From what he said, he never goes out of his bedroom unless he wants to get food and eat. “I’m always locked up in my room, wrapped in blanket during the weekends. Of course, I also help my parents in house chores, but I rarely do it. Yes, I am very lazy,” he said. He claimed on one of his interviews that he never liked going outside, “If possible I would like to be wrapped in my blanket in my room for a long time,” he added.



Sunday’s Indolence

Going home in a rush, I quickly succumb into sloth.

The bed, as if its a temptress, seduced me.

The blanket, her sister, wrapped me around her arms.

My eyelids, like the heaviest stone,

I couldn’t open them up.

The moment I awaken from the slumber that took 8 winters,

Yawns escape from a mouth, a stomach growled.

The yellow light,

Coming through the window,

Touches my face, as if caressing me.

Two feet stand up,

Walking towards the Eden that satiates the stomach’s hunger.

Two hands reach out for the ripe and smooth green lushes,

And the crispy and salty chips.

After a stomach wasn’t famished anymore,

A hand immediately grabs a dead wood of knowledge and stories,

Containing ink sculptures inside it.

Before I knew it,

An ephemeral eternal bliss went by,

And the ecstasy I experienced gives me a heartache.

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Get To Know You

Document: Get to know you – descriptive writing


  •             Anxiety, a terrifying monster-like existence who clings to us, it lurks in our shadows. Everyday, I wake up and the dawn with its rosy hands grasping everything, the cold breeze whispering, and here I am, trembling. Panicking, I try to rush preparing to go to school, as I walk by, I shudder at the many eyes gazing at me, as if laughing. Every time a teacher of mine asks me a question, I gulp and shiver inside, fearing the silent jeers that might come from the people around me. I gather up the courage to fight the shadow of anxiety, but I know that I will fail. Every dark thought is running up in my veins, turning the red blood to deep black, carrying all negative emotions. Even though I’m not supposed to feel like this, I can’t help it. Anxiety turns my existence to a shallow, fragile glass that seems to break down with just a single breath.


  •              Winter, a season where the slumbering giant awakens and exhales its frigid breaths, turning everything into a frozen world. Every time I step, I leave a mark on the white, slippery road. Everywhere is lifeless, with the wind scattering the coldness, and the branches of the leafless trees, as if wanting to catch the snows, stretching out everywhere. However, for me, everything is beautiful, the white world sparkling and blurry, like the silhouette of love, the blue fairies dancing everywhere, making me surge up with emotions in this cold world. Still, these emotions won’t last long, as the hot, massive ball of fire and the seemingly fluffy cottons in the sky, albeit carrying the water of grievance, will melt the snowy world. Right now, I seek out warmth, as I know that even the winter that I love will imprison me, frozen, entrapping me for a long time. However, for the last time, as I lay down on the snow, wishing the freezing world will last long.


  •              Books mend one’s soul, then forms an imaginary world in your mind, albeit without anyone knowing what’s in there. Everything in there is the choice of the words that you taste, you can lick the words and it might be a sweet and delicious candy, but it can also be a very bitter dark chocolate. As your eyes absorb the sculptures made of ink, you might see the holy light of the heaven’s gate, or the dreadful flames of hell. Then, something magical happens when you listen to the sound of words, you might hear the serene and pleasant voice of a siren, turning your mind to a state of tranquility; or you can even hear a devastatingly terrifying roar of an ancient dragon, breathing its fiery breaths.. Furthermore, when you smell the dead wood marked with ink, you might be able to smell the spices from a very old town, waking up the nostalgia from the very nook of your mind or worse, you might even smell the filthy smell of raw sewage. With books, you can imagine a very vast world, even if it’s the past, present, future, or even the world of fantasy, it will be transported into your mind.