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Social Media & Common Sense Response

Should there be a guide on how to use social media responsibly, or is common sense simply good enough?              


              There should be a guide to teach people on how to use social media responsibly. You should know that lately, there are many malicious and nasty videos and pictures that are spread in the social media because of irresponsible use of the internet. We should know better that many people can see whatever we post. Many people must at least know that. If this goes on, probably around 30-60% of people will become social media addicts. We should improve our social life not our social media life. Not only it could affect your lifestyle, it could also affect our lives, like cyber bullying. We should know that many was already affected by cyber bullying and did suicide. “Think before you click.” So therefore, this is why there should be a guide on how to use social media responsibly.

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Summarizing “Keesh”

The Story of Keesh


Jack London is the author of this story. The story tell us about a wise boy who followed the steps of his brave father who, unfortunately, had died. That because of his motivation, he rose from the poorest to the top. The story’s beginning is about a 13 year-old boy who spoke up at the council one time that he and his mother is not getting much food. The hunters pushed him away until one morning, he tried to prove himself, so he killed a bear and shared it to everyone. Every time he goes to venture, he always comes back with a bear for everyone to eat. And, of course, due to the hunters’ pride and jealousy, the chief had his two hunters to follow him and when they came back and tell the others of what they seen, they immediately came to Keesh’s igloo thinking he was using magic. Keesh had his method of killing explained. And now, he rose to the highest position in the village which is the ending.

The story’s main point is that, sometimes we need to speak up and be brave, use our minds not violence. It was successful in delivering that to the readers. Not much was conveyed in the heart of the main character, I can say that because “not much” is revealed by the main character.

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Digital Story Book



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Something I’m interested in

astronomy-mix-5760x1080I love Astronomy. It’s really interesting learning about it. Like, there’s planets, stars, constellations, and black holes!

It’s really fun learning about space and galaxies. You can learn a different bunch of stuffs there. There’s still also probably a lot of things that’s still undiscovered. Plus, there’s still the search for the extraterrestrial life thing which is so unreal.

One of the reasons why I like astronomy is because it’s beautiful, like the stars/nebulae/supernovae, etc.

Also, as we know, astronomy intersects with mythology like the planets name came from the Greek gods such as Zeus, Hermes, etc.

Plus, it’s really easy to appreciate astronomy, like I said, the space is mysterious, interesting, beautiful so learning it would be easy, fun, and enjoyable. It can also be a help to other people like peoples whose in the sea, others navigate through the stars, like the star Polaris. The space also have theories such as the big bang theory which is really interesting.

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