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Racism: Then and Now

Back then, racism was more violent.

Wars started because of discrimination against people of colour, especially the blacks.

Some wanted to separate the whites from the blacks. Interracial adoption wasn’t legal. No marriage between the races.

Violent actions were made.


Both blacks and whites created their organization against each other.

The blacks created an organization called the Black Panthers, which used violence against whites and the Jews. The black race used this against the racist whites. Though, they had to face constant threats, brutal attacks, and death threats from white police and KKK.

KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was created by the English immigrants who migrated to America in the Post-war Depression. Claimed true Americanism by making America an all-white country.


Social rules that discriminated against the other races were made.


Nowadays, racism is placing stereotypes and prejudice to people.

Although it is a huge improvement of society’s racism issues, the violence that others took and the degrading words that others tell about people are not excusable.


Also, the false and negative assumptions about someone is a thing that must be taken out of our society today, because, for example, if you’re black, people assume that you’re ‘dangerous’ and up to no good. And it’s a sad thing that they have to go through that.

In fact, there was a case of a black person being shot just because he was deemed as “dangerous,” and the person felt threatened so he decided to shoot him, which is a very stupid reason why you would kill someone. He even claimed that it’s for “self-defence,” even though the black man did nothing to him.


Sometimes, racism leads to bullying; mocking them for who they are.


In my opinion, albeit racism has improved for the better, it still hasn’t changed. The lingering hate against each other- or each other’s races, rather, still exists. Some people are still mistreating others from their skin colour and origins and I think that it’s very disgusting. Like was said earlier, although the level of discrimination has decreased, we cannot ignore the violence, bullying, and sometimes even killing. Even though the slavery system was abolished, others are still suffering from the tight grip of racism; they are treated unjustly and unequally, which hasn’t changed in any way, comparing it to ‘racism’ back then. 

“A person’s worth is not based on their skin colour, where they came from, or their race. A person’s value comes from who they are, and not what they are.”