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IT10: Restaurant Project

Click here for the Menu document

Click here for the Sales Projection

This project is about doing an imaginary restaurant, including the following: the menu; the sales projection, a broadcast (commercial, radio), etc.

While doing this project, I learned about how to create an accurate chart in Excel, how to do a formula in Excel, how to merge two or more cells into one in Excel, etc.

In this project, I am mostly proud on my charts, I believe that they are well done, especially the ratio chart.

If I could another chance to recreate my project, I would improve my menu. I think that my menu lacks something and I didn’t put what is necessary like baked sweets.

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IT10 Project: National Research

Click here for actual document

This project is about searching or researching about a certain country and doing a tourist pamphlet so they could go to this certain country.

I had to search for tourist attractions and such.

In this project, I learnt things like how to do headlines and how handy are they if I want to edit them, how to place pictures in/near the texts.

I am mostly proud of the visuals of this project. They might look lousy, but that’s the most important part since this project is about attracting tourists, and I think that the visuals look pretty enough.

I can improve my projects by having less texts and adjust the pictures. 

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IT Project: PowerPoint – Story

This project is about creating an animated children story using PowerPoint.

I recreated the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant.

I learnt about many things while doing this project, such as how to use timing properly, how to remove unnecessary background from a picture, and how to move an object from one place to another however you want.

The part I’m mostly proud of is the timings I made, I never would’ve expected that I will make the timings and movements of the objects great. And that part is the part I worked hard the most in this project.

I think that I can improve my project by presenting more appropriate visuals, like backgrounds. I find this project lacking in background in visuals.