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Something I’m interested in

astronomy-mix-5760x1080I love Astronomy. It’s really interesting learning about it. Like, there’s planets, stars, constellations, and black holes!

It’s really fun learning about space and galaxies. You can learn a different bunch of stuffs there. There’s still also probably a lot of things that’s still undiscovered. Plus, there’s still the search for the extraterrestrial life thing which is so unreal.

One of the reasons why I like astronomy is because it’s beautiful, like the stars/nebulae/supernovae, etc.

Also, as we know, astronomy intersects with mythology like the planets name came from the Greek gods such as Zeus, Hermes, etc.

Plus, it’s really easy to appreciate astronomy, like I said, the space is mysterious, interesting, beautiful so learning it would be easy, fun, and enjoyable. It can also be a help to other people like peoples whose in the sea, others navigate through the stars, like the star Polaris. The space also have theories such as the big bang theory which is really interesting.

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  1. Hey. I love astronomy too. I’m excited about what you will learn this year!

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