Week16- Solving Rational Expression

This week we finished the rational expression unit.

And this week we learned how to implement the skill of solving Rational Expressions into the real world problems.

EX: Boat A is moving up a stream, and boat B is moving down the same stream, it took Boat A 2 hours to cover 15km and Boat B took only one hour, the current is 3km/h, what’s the speed of the boat in still water?

Set Boat A, B speed as Xkm/h in still water, therefore Boat A will move at x-3km/h and Boat B will move at x+3km/h.

15/x-3=2, 2(x-3)=15,2x-6=15,2x=21,x=21/2,x=10.5km/h

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