Week 5- factoring

This week we reviewed some of the basics of factoring from math 10 pre-cal, and we learned a phrase which will help us in using the optimized steps to determine the method of factoring that can be used for the expression. There are three big types of expression that we can factor which we are exposed to, the easy ones, the harder ones and the difference of Squares.

This week we reviewed the factoring of the binomials and the trinomials. In the case of the trinomials, a factorable expression must be written in the form of x2, x, n, there are two types of trinomial expression the easy ones: which the number before the term x2 is one, and the hard ones: the number before the term x2 is not 1. The methods of factoring these expressions use the first and the last term of the original expression as they are the result of only two number multiplying, and there are different method from there depends on the situations.

And there is the difference of squares which is arguably the easiest one, it is written in a binomial format with 2 square terms: x2- some square number. The method of factoring difference of square is extremely easy, you can find a pair of the conjugate with the second term of the conjugate equals the square root of the second term of the original expression and leave the first term as x.

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