“Lord of the Flies” English 11 correction

Part One


Roger G.(Sadism, ad result of anarchy)

The Lord of the Flies F.(Beelzebub)

What is the symbolism of Piggy and the conch falling off the cliff and Ralph falling at the feet of the soldier?

Conch represent the fall of society. Piggy was the fall of logic and reason.

Why is this story an allegory?

Allegory- where everything symbolizes something and connects to life.

This story is an allegory because each character and action symbolizes a different society or ideal.


Part Two

The breaking of one the lenses of Piggy’s glasses represents:

The boys are half way to savagery

Logic and reason breaking down

What is ionic about the rescue at the end?

Going from one war to another war

The boys thought the adults are better and more civilized

Question Six

Simon knew it was within him.

Golding believe that there is an internal evil within people due to him witnessing a war…

Question Seven

The Island has no girls on it. In real life the population is almost half and half, which means female would be a huge part in decision and in moral.

The kids are British and they believed that they are the best.


Flame activity Chem 11







The flame change color because the electron is excited by heat and jump to a higher energy level to give out a specific frequency of light which gives out different colors depends on the compounds.