Digital Footprint

  1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

your digital footprint can affect your future because when you are using the Internet one of the ways to keep your footprint safe is to make sure your picture are appropriate and safe, treating people nice when your online don’t post or send threats, rude comments.

2. How could you protect yourself when using the internet?

i could protect myself by using a safe password, be aware of scams, be cautious where I log in, use a alternative browser, be careful of what I read online, be aware of files I download, avoid viruses, always think before i share something on Facebook.








  1. The man liked to cast alone, and he found it different from what they did in the 20th century for example he did an office job. This cause conflict because he can’t see in the dark. He was an inexperience fisherman
  2. When he slipped the knot over the wrist


The man mentioned he let the baby porpoise go


When the author said “he looked closely making sure there are no stingray was hidden in the mesh


  1. The complicating incident: The man wasn’t going to cast anything until he saw two or three mullets together.


 a single crisis: Was when the man realized that he had caught a sea devil instead of some mullets.


 the climax: When the ray swam quickly and he decided to cut the rope, as his plan worked out in the end.


 the resolution: The man decided to let the mullet go and he would never go casting at night alone


  the ending (what kind)? The ending is a good ending because he was saved and realized that its harder than he thought.


  1. Civilizedworld is where everyone is living and everything’s modern and developed



Primitive world is where its only the natural aspects of earth and nature



The conflicted against the civilized world and primitive world is that the man against the ray and the darkness of the primitive world. The references of the planes and causeway were a sing or symbol to show that the humans have accomplished a lot. The planes were to show how or that we can float through the air to travel the world, and the lights near the causeway is to overcome the struggles and things that are harder of the darkness. Now the man’s wife that had been sitting in her house is to show that mankind or the community is that it stays protected, warm, and entertained during the night



  1. At the end of the story in my opinion the man learns how it feels to not be the hunter and how to be the man that is trapped. The man had decided to release the mullet because the ray kind of taught the man a lesson of how it felt to be caught up, as the man felt sorry for the mullet



  1. Simile: The night was black as a witch’s cat


Personification: The night was breathless; summer’s dead hand still lay heavy on the land


Alliteration: big mullet makes a meal for a family





  1. He was Trapping animals
  2. How he’s freezing to death and his fingers are completely paralyzed/numb
  3. he doesn’t take a break, he didn’t make a fire so he can heat his fingers,


  1. Introduction: Trapper Dave is having trouble in the snow so he’s trying to get to safety

Setting: wintertime, mid-February, Canada, Northern BC/Alberta

Initiating Incident Dave knew he should have stop to camp 2 miles

Rising Action

  1. the weather got terrible
  2. he fell into an air hole
  3. his entire body was freezing like ice


when Dave finally gets to the cabin the fire had burned it down


Falling Action

He decided that he needed to find another shelter


He was slowly dying in the snow

  1. The theme of the story is survival. The setting of the story is he is forced to survive in a FREEZING CONDITION.
  2. The cabin gave hope for Dave
  3. (simile) He was beginning to feel like a ghost


(simile) White and soft as flour


(personification) Forest moaning beside him


(personification) The cold was nibbling at him


(metaphor) The rivers… were the winter highways of the mountains