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Wonder project blog post #1


Wonder project blog Post #1

By Jenna Schaefer

My wonder question:
Why is it that ACL tears are more common in Women than in Men? Is there anything that can be done to prevent ACL tears in women or reduce the risk?

Why is this question meaningful to me?
My Question is meaningful to me because I just got my third ACL Surgery and would like to learn more about the anatomy of it all, and why it happens and why it’s more likely in women to help Understand my injuries more which a big part of my life is. Many doctors and physiotherapists have told me this injury is way more likely in women, but I never knew the true reasons why this is, so this project meant a lot to me to be able to learn about it while also learning about myself.

Why is this question meaningful to others?

My question is meaningful to others because if they or know anyone
Going through an ACL injury my project can help them understand
It better or if they are an elite or high-level athlete meaning they play sports
A lot then they can find ways to strengthen their muscles to prevent this
Awful long road injury.

Sub Questions:
How does a hamstring graft repair on its own?
Is there ways to heavily reduce Recovery time on ACL injuries?
Can you return to sports without a surgery?
Which Strengthening exercising muscles works best and why?
How do muscles strengthen by exercises ?
What’s next?

What further research needs to be done? 
I didn’t find that there was much More research that had to be Done there was a lot of research and facts about different parts of this injury. There was no specific answer but there was a lot of different facts and tests they have done with proof to see why this is.

Is there a community expert or organization that could help you discover new information? 
Yes, there is a community expert
That could help me discover new Information, Ms. Durand referenced Me a physiotherapist who helps
Athletes strengthen their ACL and My own physiotherapist who is amazing and can inform me a lot about different genetics and muscles etc.

 Can scientific investigation/ experiment help you determine an answer?

Yes lots of things can be tried and Tested, but not in all cases can the answers Be the same because of different genetics and Bones, ligaments, muscles etc. in their bodies. For majority of people though this has been tested but it doesn’t give a straight answer.


Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in female athletes: Part 1, mechanisms and risk factors.
Hewett, Timothy E.
The American Journal of Sports Medicine.
Date of publication:
Feb. 2006

summary of information:

female neuromuscular patterns diverge during puberty,
as girls show less adaptation after puberty. It appears
that the growth and development with puberty
are related to the neuromuscular, biomechanical, and
perhaps hormonal factors that underlie the differences in ACL
injury risk. female athletes have smaller femoral notch widths, which is a hyperextension or impaction of femoral
Condyle which is the rounded part at the end of your bones.
relative to the size of the ACL, then do male athletes. Emerson
and others have hypothesized that a narrow intercondylar
notch predisposes the female knee to ACL injury, perhaps because a narrower notch leads to a smaller, weaker ACL.

Assessment of a new training model for the reduction of non-contact ACL injuries in female athletes.
Nicholas Bien
Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science, vol. 85, no. 2, 2014, p. 97+. Science In Context,
Date of publication:

Summary of information:
A sport specific neuromuscular training program that includes neuromuscular (relating to nerves and muscles)
, plyometrics (exercises that muscles have maximum force in short time) and proprioceptive (position of body) components may reduce the risk of ACL injurie among female athletes who participate in pivoting sports. Meaning that the less pivoting and hard turned movement the better off females are, not only that but women muscles have maximum force in a short amount of time along with pivoting motions which causes ligaments like an ACL to tear.

Title: Muscle Activation During ACL Injury Risk Movements in Young Female Athletes: A Narrative Review.
Bencke, Jesper, et al.
Muscle Activation During ACL Injury Risk Movements in Young Female Athletes: A Narrative Review.
Date of publication:
Summary of information:

Gender-specific differences in muscle activation and coordination were identified demonstrating elevated quadriceps. Quads are the muscles in your thighs. Activity and reduced hamstring activity in young female athletes compared to their male counterparts and suggesting young female athletes to be at elevated risk of non-contact ACL injury.
Researchers found that Low medial hamstring activation and high lateralis activation prior to landing was associated with an elevated incidence of ACL injury.
How will this information help you answer your big question or one of your sub questions?
This information will help me answer
My big question because it is pieces
Of causes for this injury in women that
Will contribute to answering parts about this question because now I know about neuromuscular factors. How will this information help you answer your big question or one of your sub questions?
This information is helpful to my big question
Or my sub questions because it helped me
Understand some of the reasons why maximum
Force in short times can cause this injury in female athletes. How will this information help you answer your big question or one of your sub questions?
This information is helpful because I now know that
There are muscle muscle activation and coordination differences In males and females and that rises the risk of ACL Tears in females. And that is part of my big Question.

Creative commons image and video:

Information fluency:
A) What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?
In order to research my topic the questions I needed to research were ACL injuries and I needed to go to the ACL women’s athletes section and everything I needed was under that topic.

B) What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?
A new digital tool that I used as I worked through this project was making sure to favourite and save all my sits and resources into folders so that I had everything organized and I could sty on top of this project.

C) What was the process you used to investigate the topic?
The process that I used to investigate the topic was Go onto internet explorer and go to my favourited tab gale science, then type in my topic which was ACL injury and go to the topic finder. Once I was at the topic finder wheel, I went into the women’s athletes Acl injury section and clicked on and read about the different websites on women’s ACL injury to help me answer my big question on why women are more likely to tear their ACL than men.

D) How did you verify and cite the information you found?
I verified and cited the information I found by using Gale science in context which gathers information from the top trustworthy sites but I also read at the top of them where the articles from and I searched those up to verify that it was correct information and that Gale science wasn’t making up fake information and sites just to be sure.

E) How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?
I think the process of completing this project went very smoothly, the directions for this project were very straight forward so it was easy to follow criteria but still make it your own. I don’t think there is much I would’ve done better as to I am very proud of how hard that I have worked on this project, but one thing would be finding more answers to my sub questions and not just my big questions but overall I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Thank you for reading my Wonder project!




Community Connections Project

For my community Connections project I interviewed my friends sister, and her sisters friend who work at Hyde creek doing physiotherapy with kids with special needs, and I would really like to work there and experience working with all sorts of kids, here are my interview questions and answers:

Are you passionate about your job?

Jayna: 1. I get to help kids that are facing challenges learn a basic life necessity and see them overcome obstacles. See the source image

What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today?

2. I learned new ways to come at a problem, and that there is always more than one way to teach something. I also learned to use perseverance with the kids, being patient and listen, but also be strict and directing to help them succeed. See the source image

What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

3. Make sure to listen and be kind. The kid always comes first and try to help in as many ways as you can. Even a simple smile and a loving attitude can go a long way, to help them trust you.

Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

4. No. I’m just an employee

would you recommend this Job to others and why?

5. I would recommend this job to people who are patient and are willing to guid kids to better futures. This job isn’t for everyone, but is an amazing opportunity to experience your actions directly helping the kids.

What do you enjoy about this job?

6. I enjoy the influence we have on making the kids happy and improving their abilities to swim and move. I enjoy seeing the smiles on there faces and the fun moments in the pool

Why are you passionate about your job?

Kasey: 1. Because I love to work with kids and I know that my job helps them in their daily lives

What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today?

2. Obstacles that I need to face during my job is getting new kids and figuring out what to do with them during their session and how to make the Day More fun and entertaining for the kid Image result for friends not the show

What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

3. I would to be confident everyday and have fun with it try new things and maybe you might get in trouble but then you know that you shouldn’t do that

Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

4. Okay sure?

would you recommend this job to others and why?

5. I would totally recommend this job to others because it is really Image result for smilesfun and you get to work with kids who have all sorts of disabilities well learning and getting new experiences

What do you enjoy about this job?

6. I like my job because I get a new experience every day I got to be social with the kids and with my coworkers. I enjoy being around kids and watching them progress in swimming
Kids First Phyiso, Tidal wave aquatics.

For my community connections project I chose to interview my friends sister, and her sisters friend who work  at Hyde creek doing physiotherapy with kids with special needs. I chose to interview them because I am interested in this job because I love working with kids, and helping out in any way possible. I learned plenty of things from this project like being kind can go such a long way and help kids, more than just a smile but help their ability to swim and move around and enjoy physiotherapy.

Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

This is our Flipsnack Mood in Narrative Poetry presentation. Our poem that we chose was the Raven, the overall mood that we decided on was that the text in the poem was mysterious. We chose mysterious because during the dead of night a Raven came tapping at the door and explained a few things that left the guy in a curious mysterious situation before he could figure out what the Raven was implying. Our theme relates to the text of the poem because since it had an overall mysterious mood, we chose to make the theme background grey, a darker colour to relate to the mysterious mood. For our images we chose to make them black and white to go along with the black raven, we added photoshop features like the raven and a red velvet chair to match the text stating that he was thinking in a red velvet chair. Our grey background all tied in to our mysterious dark mood of the poem that we were identifying.

For this project I chose to draw the cover of the book myself so that it could have a unique original touch to it and I could incorporate something that I am passionate about to make this project fun and creative.


Foods 10 Sept Oct Reflection


This is the pancake lab that we made and turned out amazing! I chose to reflect on it because at the beginning our group had troubles with communication, which led to not great outcomes of the final products. This lab we worked together as a group and came up with a good outcome.
I enjoyed this lab because as a group we were all very happy because we didn’t burn it like previous times, and the taste turned out well too.
Our product turned out the way I had hoped and we followed the demonstration very carefully to see when the pancake is to be flipped. We worked together and I think that helped a lot.
If I were to do this lab differently I don’t think I would change anything because it went very smoothly there for I have no complaints.


I chose to reflect this lab because I have never made anything quite like this before, mainly because I don’t like the main ingredient (eggs) but this lab I enjoyed and it surprised me so I chose to reflect on it.
I did enjoy this lab, it was fun to experiment trying to make new things. I also enjoyed how easy and simple this recipe was as to I thought it would be complex since it had so many ingredients.
My product did turn out the way that I hoped it would. I think it helped that each person in our group worked on a certain task so the lab went really smooth and the product was able to turn out well.
There was no issues that occurred during this lab, we all worked well, worked on our tasks , and got along conflict free! I think that getting along and having tasks makes a group work together really well and the lab run smoothly.
If I were able to go back I would not change anything about this lab because it all went to plan and it tasted really good.

Eggs With Brett

This recipe is a classic eggs benedict recipe, with homemade hollandaise sauce. A classic Eggs benedict is a poached egg over ham on an English muffin with a butter base sauce.

This Lunch recipe Is a Spinach, Feta, red pepper, and egg wrap. It’s the perfect egg base lunch recipe filled with lots of flavour and on the healthy side with scrambled eggs vegetables and cheese.

Egg Pad Thai is the perfect family recipe. It  uses scrambled egg, noodles, and vegetables with spices. This recipe is delicious even for non egg lovers like myself.