Self-Directed Final Project

Art Foundations 12 –  Art Inquiry Art Technique Project

Your final project involves your researching and learning a new technique for producing art

PART 1 – to be completed TODAY by the end of the class:

This is your chance to deeply pursue an art technique that you would like to be able to learn:

Understand Art aesthetics                                 Oil painting landscapes

Watercolour painting glass and metal      Acrylic painting animals with fur realistically

Symbolism in Art                 Op Art (optical illusions)             Understand Abstraction

Still life compositions                                  and many more……….

Zero in on an arena of Art that you’d really like to know how to do. Dig into it.  See if some area of that “digging” produces information that looks interesting and revealing, instructional and helpful.

Identify an appropriate research question that is connected to the art arena of your choice.

Write your intention for this project in terms of a “goal statement”.  Be sure to include what “technique” you intend to learn as well as what specific topic your artwork will address. Submit your deep significant pursuit as a goal statement sentence  to Ms. Collins for confirmation before you proceed to part 2.

PART 2  -to be completed and brought to class this THURSDAY/FRIDAY:

Research more than one source.  Collect information from at least three different sources, Instructional videos are a great option.

  1. **Fill a double page spread in your sketchbook about your learnings.  Imagine that this spread will be used to TEACH others how to use the method.

-Show your findings -tips, tricks, insights,

-Include your own opinion statements about parts of the art method


Ask Ms. Collins to supply you with the necessary materials to practice and use the new method that you are using.

2. ** Fill two pages in your sketchbook with practices of the new technique that you have learned.



Create an artwork of your own that employs the method you have explored.

Your finished artwork needs to :

  • Be thumbnail sketched and drafted in your sketchbook, then shown and discussed with the teacher
  • Show off your new technique
  • Have a strong aesthetic that is unified and tightly composed

Use your class time wisely.  You have about two weeks to prepare BOTH research findings in your sketchbook and artwork.  You will need to consistently make effective use of every day of course time.

You will need to present both your works (sketchbook of research and practice sessions AND final project)  to the class on:  Thursday/Friday, Nov. 12/13

Research in sketchbook :                                          /30

Artwork:                                                                      /60

Presentation                                                               /10

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