Lesson #3: Designing Your Sculpture– ReImagine Yourself

Designing Your Sculpture– ReImagine Yourself

1 hours   – Due Monday, Jan 11

Decision #1 – the CONCEPT:  You are not just sculpting a replica of the head, but rather you are sculpting a work of Art.  Your sculpture will need to say something, tell a story, design the head AS something.

Imagine yourself as…..   older, as royalty, as a superhero, as a historic figure, as an elf, as magical, as a rocket scientist.  Imagine if there were objects on or parts of the head were other things that contributed to the concept of this head.

Decision #2 – the POSE:  How will the head be posed?  How is your head positioned?   Do you want an ordinary, front on pose, or would it make a more dramatic sculpture to have it tilted, turned or a dramatic expression?


Maybe you want to be wearing something:

Decision #3 – the BASE:  What will the base of the sculpture be?  You DEFINITELY have to have the neck in your sculpture.  Will it just end?  Will it end at a collar or necklace?

Maybe hair will be its base :          

Will you show some shoulder?

Assignment:     worth 10 marks       Due Monday, Jan 11

Take several selfie photos of your head in a mirror in 4 different  positions.  OR Get someone to help you so that your photos are clear and accurate:


  1. Front
  2. Left side
  3. Back
  4. Right side

Your photos will help you a lot with sketching and with sculpting.

Using the photos as references, draw 3 different  quarter page sized sketches of your head sculpture idea (all three on one page, the SAME sculpture idea for all three).  In each of the three sketches show  1. THE CONCEPT, 2. THE POSE, and 3. THE BASE that you plan for it.  Make each sketch from a different viewpoint/position (ie  one from the front view,  one from the back view , and one from the side view).

Assessment criteria:       3 SKETCHES:

Sketch of viewpoint # 1  shows concept, pose, and base                                                /3

Sketch of viewpoint # 2 shows concept, pose, and base                                             /3

Sketch of viewpoint # 3 shows concept, pose, and base                                               /3

Sketches are clear and show accurate form of the head                                             /1

TOTAL   /10

Email me a photo of this page of 3 sketches.

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