Collage Project #3

For this third collage you are to draw from these techniques and use the composition strategy below:


  1. Paint:         Over, under and around the collage pieces, incorporate paint into the composition.                                       
2. Gold Leaf    – Let me demonstrate in class how to add gold leafing to your work


3. Tissue Paper    can give the work three dimensionality, and images can peek through, hide behind, or be layered with.  Tissue paper  is transparent so layering one colour over a different colour gives new results too, and tissue paper comes in  great variety of colours.




4. Stitches   Who says you just use glue to stick, I mean stitch parts together?


COMPOSITION STRATEGY-    “Reinforce those focal points” by using  Implied lines and colour or tone

IMPLIED LINES: An artwork should have one main focal point – the most important part of the composition.

You should use the lines/edges of the other objects in the scene to make someone look immediately at your chosen focal point.  Adjust the placement of the less important parts of your composition so that the edges of these other parts point to the main part.  Do it repeatedly, from multiple directions.  Here’s an example:


And, reinforce the focal point by using CONTRASTING COLOUR:

Colour is an amazing tool for composition. In a piece where you want something to show up super well use a lot of contrasting value of colour as well as complementary colour. A bright warm colour in the middle of a field of cool can really pop out of a scene and draw the viewer’s eye.

In the composition below, the word ‘Cyclone’ is a dark red so that contrasts against the blue of the water, while the eyes of the serpent are bright yellow against the dark turquoise of the sky. The boy has been highlighted with yellow and a lighter skin tone, to bring him forward against the sign and the water.:

CONTRASTING TONES: As well, black and white are the most powerful tones. Use them sparingly, and right next to each other, to draw the viewer’s attention to a particular spot.   Reserve the purest whites and blacks for your focal point. This is one of the easiest and most successful ways of making your subject pop.

In this painting, Blood Divided, this has the effect of highlighting the focal point of  the heroine’s face  apart from the background:

That’s it!   REINFORCE the focal point of your composition.

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