Collage Project #2

 For this second collage you are to use the techniques and composition strategies below:

Collage techniques –

  1. Architecture

    a building Complex

  A street scene

     Cool architecture

2. Design a Landscape Scene


3. Construct Geometrically

4. Reveal the Inside Through


You also need to use this COMPOSITION STRATEGY:

  • IMbalance:   


Consider the angle of the imagery you create.  Often times we tend to create with a straight up presentation, flat at the bottom and perpendicular edges. 

The figures in this example artwork are just that – straight up and perpendicular to the page edges.  Even though this is a very tense scene the results is a lack of real excitement in what should be a very dramatic image. The bricks, rain and hair all create simple vertical lines, and don’t do much to enhance the drama of the piece.

Imbalance can create a more exciting flow to your composition, and it can also add drama. Try tipping the angle of your images.  Even the slightest tip to the horizon line can turn a mundane scene into something much more dramatic.


Experiment with the psychological impressions that different angles create – more angle might give more drama, or it might just look too weird.

Give your composition some imbalance in this collage.


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