Collage Project – #1

In this unit of study you are to complete a SERIES OF THREE DIFFERENT COLLAGES

Each of the three different collages is to address at least three different collage techniques and three different composition strategies.  However all three collages must be connected to each other, to form a series, by a COMMON THEME.


COLLAGE  #1    For this first collage you are to use the techniques and composition strategies below:

Collage techniques

–   you can choose one from the following techniques or you can mix and match them together to make your first collage:







Composition strategies:

  • Creating Relationships,  and
  • Controlling the Viewer’s Eye Movement

Creating a relationship makes the viewer compare the two shapes, thus creating movement [Image: Dan dos Santos]

As simple as this image is, it already has a sense of motion, and depth. How?

Through relationships. Causing a disparity, or inconsistency, between the two shapes gives the viewer of this artwork a way that they can compare those two shapes. “This one is bigger, that one is lighter.” The grey square appears to be moving and receding only when compared to the black square. You have to have the two objects to create that sense of moving and receding, and the two objects have to be able to relate or compare with each other.

Also, the process of comparing these two shapes requires that the viewer moves their eyes repeatedly around the composition, back and forth between the two shapes. Therein lies the true goal of a great composition: controlling that eye movement, making the viewer look around the artwork, not just at one spot on it.


  1. You have used one or more of the four collage techniques that are presented on my blog for this first collage.
  2. You have used the composition strategy of “creating relationships” where all parts of the composition visually support the main focal point
  3. Your collage composition (the places that you have placed the image parts) makes the viewer look around the whole artwork, not just in one spot, yet also maintains a main focal point.
  4. Your collage shows meticulous and exactitude in the cutting of the pieces.
  5. Your collage shows clean, thorough gluing.
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