Unit 1 Finale – Core Competency reflection and post your work on your Edublog

Happy Friday!!   I hope your week was good, and your weekend will be fabulous! The final projects for this unit are looking outstanding!  You folks are super creative and artistic. 

Unit 1-Lesson 4 – Monday, April 20 -Final Assignment for “DESIGNING A CHARACTER IN 3D”

I’m pretty excited about all of the great character designs that you folks are doing.  It’s time to wrap up this unit with the final project –approach your character as

Unit 1-Lesson #3 – DESIGNing A UNIQUE CHARACTER IN 3D, continued

Your designs for new, unique characters are fantastic!  Way to go. The purpose of the last lesson was to give you a method for coming up with new and different

Unit 1- Lesson #2-Character Design and Model Sheet Unit -TUESDAY, April 13

Hi!  Welcome back!  Happy Spring.  The weather is great I hope you are getting out in it. Have you been doing any art of your own design, for no other

Unit 1-Lesson 1- DESIGNING 3D WITH A MODEL SHEET-April 7

Hi 😊 I hope you got your sketchbook ready to use.  We are going to work on drawing and designing sculptures using MODEL SHEETS.   The model sheet is used to


To begin this part of Art class I’d like you to prepare to develop a SKETCHBOOK COLLECTION.  You may already be using a sketchbook – this is great.  Consider how

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