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Unit 2 – Lesson #5 – Pop-ups, Using the Pyramid Stand for The Shower

Welcome back. The twister and the vertical Riser are providing students with some really cool construction methods for pop up art.  The ideas that you folks come up with using those technologies are amazing. For this next lesson you need… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 -Lesson 5 – Shuvinai Ashoona influences the unit’s final project

Through this unit you have been closely examining the work of Shuvinai Ashoona.  Some things about her work that are noteworthy are: Her point of views – often times she uses a “birds eye view” which gives a very different… Continue Reading →

Unit #2 – Lesson 2 – Designing the MAIN CHARACTER for Children’s Book Illustration

As a pre-amble  to this lesson, here is an example of a children’s book re-illustrated: Sarah Maycock re-illustrated Audrey and Don Woods Quick as a Cricket This is the Original: This is Sarah Maycock’s remake (she’s changed the wording… Continue Reading →

Unit #2- Lesson #1, part B – introducing Children’s Book Illustration

Our project involves re-illustrating a children’s storybook.  Not a rewrite – do not try and  re-write the wording – that is a writer’s job.  Pick a story that is already written, and  re-illustrate it; The Three Pigs, for example. You… Continue Reading →

V-FOLD Pop-ups

Unit 2 – Lesson 4 -Shuvinai Ashoona and Ocean Creatures

In recent years sea creatures have figured prominently in Shuvinai’s work. They are often threatening, like the octopi are in Composition (Attack of the Tentacle Monsters), 2015.   Check out the large squid in Titanic, Nascopie, and Noah’s Ark, In this large drawing,… Continue Reading →

Unit 2- Lesson #4 – Pop-ups V-fold continued

Hello there!  Your Pop-ups are getting technical and intricate.  They look great. This week the goal is to increase your technical skills in pop-up technology.  The idea is to expand on your methods of construction so that you evolve into… Continue Reading →

UNIT #2 – Lesson #1, part A- Children’s Book Illustration

This lesson is to be completed by Monday, May 11. In this new unit of study the intentions/objectives are that you will: Increase strategies for image and character design development Consider approaches for cohesively unifying a collection of art pages… Continue Reading →

Unit 2-Lesson 3 – The Art of Shuvinai Ashoona

Today’s lesson involves just looking at and interpreting some of Shuvinai’s other artworks. Shuvinai produces her work at Kinngait Studios, the art arm of the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative.  She  did not attend formal art school. Instead, she worked alongside… Continue Reading →

Unit #1 -STREET ART – Lesson 6 – wrap-up with a Core Competency Reflection

Upload to your edublog your final image of you street art work, as well as your photo of the location where you intended the work to be put. Open a Core Competency reflection sheet and write your reflection answering… Continue Reading →

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