Assignment #6

Dynamic Symmetry:

Use DYNAMIC SYMMETRY to compose a page design in your sketchbook.  The topic of the piece and the medium that you use are up to you to deside on.

Great compositions use geometry. You have studied Rule of Thirds in a prior class.


Another choice of geometric composition is: Dynamic Symmetry. Here is how to construct a dynamic symmetry composition:


  1. First:Begin by drawing a line from the top right corner to the lower left corner of your page.

    Then, from the top left corner draw a line at right angles to the first line. This is where “dynamic symmetry” primary point of interest, and where you should put the main focal point or object of your composition – (in this case, the artist placed the dragon’s eye).

  2. Second:Locate where the edges of secondary parts of your composition will go by  drawing a line straight across at the primary point.

    Then place a line from the bottom right corner at a right angle to the original line. These two lines establish the edges for other lesser important elements in your composition. (In this case they are the edges of the platform, the orc’s side and the dragon’s wing).

  3. Third:Repeat these steps, starting at the top-left corner. The result is a double diamond shape – a very dramatic kind of symmetry.  (Notice that this artist placed the warrior, the second primary or relationship element of this composition, in the lower diamond.)


    Other less important elements in this painting, such as the edge of the platform, left wing and the warrior’s hands have all been placed by using these guides.  Also, the guidelines of this dynamic symmetry told the artist to shift the dragon’s head slightly to the right, so that it is in the upper diamond.

You are to use this Dynamic Symmetry to compose your own artwork with.

Make the work original.

Put the main ideas of your work in the double diamond shapes and line the edges of some  secondary imagery along the lines that are created.  I am excited to see what you come up with for a composition.

Remember you can use any medium that you choose – from pencil to pen to paint to collage.

Fill your page.  Show off YOUR own art ideas.

Make it a dynamic (aka dramatic) work.

This sketchbook assignment is due Monday or Tuesday, whichever day you are in class.

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