Assignment #4

Human Figure Model Sheet    – due Tuesday, October 13

The Model sheet is an artist’s tool for understanding a form in its 3 dimension.  They use the model sheet to establish accuracy in the proportions of the figures.

In a model sheet the artist draws the form from several different views – the FRONT, the BACK, the SIDE, and in 3/4 VIEW.


  1. You are to draw a human figure on your model sheet. It can be costumed or not.  Your figure drawing should have as many realistic features as you can manage.


2. Concentrate on getting good figure proportions in your drawings. The more accurate the proportions, the better


3. Draw each figure side by side, each filling 1/4 of the page, so that all 4 drawings fill the page horizontally.


4. Draw the same figure in each of 4 separate views > front, side, back and 3/4 views.


5. Use horizontal guidelines through the figure drawings to keep the proportions and sizes of all four drawing the same.






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