Assignment #2

ASSIGNMENT #2     Due-  Monday, Sept. 28

Designing with TEXTURES 


Texture is one of the 7 Elements of Design, one that is often neglected.  Texture invites the audience of your work to “feel” the surface of it, to engage with your art through touch. Even if the texture isn’t real, visual touch is much more engaging than no texture at all.

You can use pen and ink in a purely tonal manner where you create tones of dark and light areas by the kind of textural designs you make with your pen.  Check out this tonal drawing using a variety of  different textural designs:

     Here the walls, rooves, and trees appear with a different tone of darkness or lightness that is created by the textures used for each.

You are to design a full page black ink illustration that incorporates a large variety of textures.  2 different textures in your work is not enough.  4 to 5 is an emerging level of textural design.  10 different textures is a top quality design. Here are some ideas for textures:

   You can invent your own or use some of these.

Draw out your idea for you full page composition in 4 different thumbnail sketches.

Select from the 4 thumbnails the most favourable option.

Draw it in full page format.  Use a  black sharpie pen, no colour.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. designed FOUR different compositions in thumbnail drawings
  2. final drawing must fill the page
  3. You need to use black sharpie ink – ultra fine tip
  4. strive for an elaborate, complex composition
  5. try to use 10 different textures throughout the work
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