Assignment #1

Assignment #1     Due: Friday, Sept.18

Why is Art Important?   

We have been discussing the roles that Art plays in our own individual lives, as well as in our larger community.  You are to make a full page illustration that answers the question. Your answer should reflect your own thoughts/opinions on this. You may use words in your composition, HOWEVER be careful that your illustration SHOWS, rather than tells.  Artists must be able to speak with images.

You will need to start with thumbnail sketches to design your page.  AT LEAST FOUR different thumbnail sketches are required, showing that you have contemplated four different design ideas for this composition.

You are asked to use pencil crayons for this assignment.  (combining other media, such as sharpie, charcoal, paints, with pencil crayon is fine here, however pencil crayon technique needs to shine strong in this work).  Saturation, blending and layering of pencil crayon colours is all required, and evaluated.  Please review the techniques handout for explanation of how to do these.  As well you are encouraged to look for some technique tips on the internet to help you employ pencil crayons with some sophistication.

How to Shade and Saturate with Pencil Crayons

Criteria for this assignment:

  1. you have drawn at least 4 different design ideas in thumbnail sketches prior to beginning your illustration
  2. your illustration fills the page
  3. your illustration strongly shows, rather than tells, why Art is important to you/community
  4. your illustration shows sophisticated pencil crayon technique, including blending and saturating colours


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