#1 – Design and Apron

“Design an Apron” Flats Illustrations Assignment  – Due Monday, May 3

MATERIALS NEEDED: You will need a sketchbook, pencil eraser, ruler, fineliner, and pencil crayons

ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT: Aprons are extremely useful garments that can be specifically designed for a variety of tasks.  One might design an apron for barbecuing, or for cooking, for grooming the dog,  or for doing carpentry, for painting, or for sculpting.  Each of these kinds of aprons will have design features on them that assist with the task that they are  to be used for; for example a barbecue apron covers the chest and stomach, wraps around the sides of the body, and has a big pocket in the front for barbecue tools such as a flipper.  A dog-grooming apron, on the other hand, would be made of something waterproof, and have  separate pockets for scissors, soap, and doggie treats.


Aprons can be gathered at the waist, can be made of contrasting fabric, or all the same fabric.

Aprons can be long, short, or half-apron style.


They can be reversable, have back strapping, or designed in an ice cream cone shape!

Your assignment is to get SUPER CREATIVE and DESIGN FOUR different apron ideas that you would enjoy making (you will have to make one of these four designs)

Your illustrations will be marked  EACH out of 7 possible marks using all of the following CRITERIA:

Your illustrations

  1. should be at least 1/2 page big. (small drawings are not detailed enough)
  2.  need to show the apron as if it were lying FLAT on a table (see the example in the picture below) (no figure in the drawings)
  3.  need to be LINE DRAWINGS using CLEAR SMOOTH pencil lines.  No messy lines please! (use your eraser and ruler)
  4.  need to show ALL DETAILS such as pockets, ties, stitching lines, buttons, or straps.
  5.  edges to be sharpened using a  sharp pencil of a really fine fineliner.
  6.  need to be coloured, showing possible fabric colours.
  7. creative and unique and each is different from the other        20 marks for this assignment

Here are two examples of “Flat illustrations” for fashion design :


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