Welcome back.

The twister and the vertical Riser are providing students with some really cool construction methods for pop up art.  The ideas that you folks come up with using those technologies are amazing.

For this next lesson you need to complete a shower pop up using a pyramid stand.  A shower of ….raindrops, or hearts, or snowflakes, or whatever you can think of.

First, take a look at this professional award winning Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up Book by Robert Sabuda and note the shower of cards page in it.  But most of all just enjoy the technology and ideas for its pop up art.  Robert Sabuda has designed a lot of pop ups.  Check out more of his pop up art if you are interested.

Today’s instructional video on pop up technology is NOT with Matthew Rienhart – ohhhhh.  Some of you will be glad for that, others have grown (or is that groan) to like him.

This video shows you how to make a pyramid riser, a rectangle based pyramid riser, and a wall arch AND how to put all three of these together to make a shower of cards in a  pyramid stand (or hearts, or snowflakes, or whatever) pop up.

This should be the last of the pop-up technology videos.   Next week I’ll post the BIG final pop up assignment.

Now, to that instructional video:

Be sure to complete your version of this “Pyramid Stand Shower Pop up” and email me a photo by Tuesday, May 19 (Monday is Victoria Day holiday so no school).


As a review, here is a list of the various pop-up technologies (and corresponding assignments) that you should have covered in this unit:

  1. The box
  2. The scene
  3. The V-fold, basic
  4. The V-fold twister
  5. The V-fold vertical riser
  6. The pyramid stand shower (pyramid riser, rectangular pyramid riser, and wall arch)

If you have completed these and sent me a photo I have awarded you full marks each for them.

(The final project will be worth the BIG marks and you will have good time to complete it in.  More on that next week.)

There are many more tricks to this art form, however I feel that if I keep giving you more you’ll get bored.

Check out what your classmates are doing by viewing the Gallery portion of the Studio Art 3D class.