Unit 2 -Lesson 5 – Shuvinai Ashoona influences the unit’s final project

Through this unit you have been closely examining the work of Shuvinai Ashoona.  Some things about her work that are noteworthy are:

  1. Her point of views – often times she uses a “birds eye view” which gives a very different perspective on the scene
  2. Storytelling – each work of art tells the story of an event that really happened, even though the facts of the event are a bit twisted
  3. Imagination – some of the creatures in her works are totally imaginary while others represent real people and animals, places and things.
  4. Blending real with imaginary – mixing the real with the unreal gives the work a sense of forboding, as if we need to think “Is this really happening?”
  5. Movie and video game influences – while she tells a story she weaves in parts that are so “unreal” they are probably from  video game or movie.
  6. Size and materials – Shuvinai’s artworks are huge – they can be 3 or 4 feet across, all drawn with pencil crayon and sometimes sharpie.

YOur final BIG assignment for this unit is to create your own story art.  Here’s the list of conditions for this artwork:

  1. Use a different point of view that the typical “looking from the front”.
  2. Tell a story – of an event that really happened . This can be an event that happened anywhere. To tell a story you will need to include lots of detail
  3. Add imagination – to give your story a supernatural twist, twist some of the facts into the “unreal”, give the story a sense of foreboding
  4. Blend real with imaginary – some of the creatures in your story should be totally imaginary, while others should represent real people, animals, places, things.
  5. Movie or video game influences – weave in  the influence of one of your favourite video games or movie moments
  6. Join together  THREE to FOUR pages of your sketchbook  by taping it together on the back to make a super large paper size.  Lay it out on your kitchen table and fill it!  The intention here is for you to experience working large.  Use drawing and colouring methods.

This project is LARGE.  You are going to need the week to complete it.   Please join a TEAMS meeting on Friday at 11:00 to present your start on this project.   Have your paper prepared, your story idea, and the point of view drafted lightly on the page.

The above list is the criteria for assessment for this project.  This is a MAJOR project, that culminates the unit and should demonstrate some of your learning from Shuvinai.  It will be marked out of 100%  and expect you to put 3 solid hours into producing this.  You have an entire week to complete this  It is due Friday, May 22.  If that date is not manageable, please email me.

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