Hello there!  Your Pop-ups are getting technical and intricate.  They look great.

This week the goal is to increase your technical skills in pop-up technology.  The idea is to expand on your methods of construction so that you evolve into a pretty technical sculptor of pop-up art.

Let’s start with building on the V-fold.  You got the basics of a V-fold last week.  Today I’d like you to try a couple of different variations to the basic V-fold – the “twister” and the “vertical riser”.  Watch and follow along with the two videos linked here.  See if you can then design your own version of each.  Take a couple of days to do this.  I’ll post a new challenge on Wednesday.

This is V-fold part 3 – twister

This is V-fold part 4 – vertical riser:

Happy pop-up making.   Send me emails of your work.

Look for a new post on Wednesday.