Unit 2-Lesson 3 – Pop Ups and the V Fold

To give you inspiration and motivation I’d like you to see this beautiful work of 3D Art.  Click on the link and see the whole book.  It’s super impressive:

Take a search through the internet for a pop up that you like.  It doesn’t have to be a book.


This one uses delicate paper cutting technique and the box fold, which you already know how to do.

This week’s pop up work centers on the V fold.  There are many variations on this pop up basic, and I’d like you to try a couple of them this week, but for today’s lesson have a look at how Matthew constructs a shark pop up from a basic V-fold.   What I am particularly pleased with is how he just “goes with it” when he is constructing.  He builds a bit, and then turns his construction over and around to engage his imagination.  This is so important in Art making – to engage your imagination.  After looking at the array of stuckpaper he imagines that he sees a shark shape.  He draws a bit, and refines the paper cuts.  From there he turns his work into a final art outcome.

Watch Matthew’s V-fold-part 1 “how to” video.  After watching go ahead and make a pop up of your own design USING the V-FOLD.  You might have a look at how other “paper engineers” design beautiful 3D paper sculptures using this V Fold method of construction.

Send me a photo of your V-fold artwork. Try to get it done by Thursday at the latest because I’d like you to try making a total of two different  pop ups this week and I’ll post the other lesson this Wednesday (for those that work quickly).

Check out the works of your fellow classmates.  I have posted them in the Gallery portion of my blog.


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