Unit 2- POP-UP Sculptures – Lesson 2

You should have completed the first Unit on “Model Sheets”, handed in your final model sheet assignment, and posted your work and reflection on your edublog.  This was all due LAST WEEK!  If you haven’t finished that work then get it done before you embark on this pop-up unit.

In the first lesson of this unit yo learned to make a basic “box pop-up” .  I’ll continue to direct you to different  pop-up techniques, each building on the techniques that you learned in previous lessons.  Be sure to follow my lessons in order.  The first lesson and the following 4 lessons are practice work.  If you have limited cardstock save it for the final BIG culminating project.

Today I’d like you to learn how to assemble Box Layers, Matthew Reinhart calls them “bridge layers”, into a full pop up scene.  They were used to produce these two examples:


 Matthew Reinhart will show you how with a simple construction.   


 Matthew Reinhart will show you how with a simple construction.   Take until Monday to make one a little more elaborate than his.  Challenge:  can you include a box pop-up (from lesson 1) in your scene?  NOTE: You can cut out images to attach to your scene if you don’t want to draw them.

The criteria for this assignment is:

  1. Folds up into a “card”
  2. Opens into a pop-up
  3. Is a finished scene, more elaborate than Matthew’s in his video
  4. Is artfully presented

Bonus marks: add an artfully designed box pop-up into the scene

Email me your results.  Show me that it folds and how it looks when it is open.   Please send me photos that are LOW FILE SIZE!  My email is overfull!

Have a good weekend.

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