Unit 1 Finale – Core Competency reflection and post your work on your Edublog

Happy Friday!!   I hope your week was good, and your weekend will be fabulous!

The final projects for this unit are looking outstanding!  You folks are super creative and artistic.  Way to go.

For today’s assignment I ask that you complete  TWO tasks:

1st:  Complete a Core Competency Reflection.  To do this use this document to reflect on the kind and degree of creative thinking you that you’ve done for this project.  Creative Thinking Prompts – Growth and Strengths (Fillable)     Once you have filled out that “prompts sheet” on creative thinking, then complete a Core Competency reflection:


I got that document from the Riverside Secondary website, “Core Competencies Reflection sheet”: http://www.sd43.bc.ca/school/riverside/ProgramsServices/CoreCompetencies/Pages/default.aspx#/=

You are to reflect on the ways that you have thought creatively in this project.

2nd :  Post to your edublog  Please post 3 different art works photos from this unit, explain what you were working on for the drawing, and then post your Core Competency Reflection on Creative THINKING.

Finally, email me the URL of your posting on your edublog.

That’s it for this lesson.  Please get it completed by Tuesday, April 28.  I will look for your email with the URL in it.

Have a good, safe, happy weekend.


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