Before we start this lesson please know that this Friday, April 17, is a Pro-D day which means NO SCHOOL.   Today’s lesson is all for this week.

We are going to continue drawing skills with pencil, because you are getting really good at the fine detail work and the shading. Why stop now?

I found this excellent animal artist whose site is called “Onlypencil.com”.  Pretty amazing work and there are tutorials there.  Here is the site: https://www.onlypencil.com/

But there are a lot of pencil drawing tutorials on the internet.  While some of you like animal drawing others want to draw something else, so I ask you to take 20 minutes and cruise the internet looking for pencil drawing tutorial THAT YOU WANT TO COMPLETE.

Then complete the tutorial.

Email me the URL of the site you used, and a photo of the drawing that you did.  This will help me know what your preference of “pencil drawing topics” is.  I will use your preference for next week’s pencil drawing PROJECT design.

That’s it!   Enjoy the serenity of drawing.  Have a good weekend and come back to my edublog next Monday for next week’s work.

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