To begin this part of Art class I’d like you to prepare to develop a SKETCHBOOK COLLECTION.  You may already be using a sketchbook – this is great.  Consider how you might EXPAND your use of the practice.  The sketchbook is highly valued in the art world.  Artists keep their sketchbooks as reference and idea collections and post-secondary Art Schools look for sketchbook works from applicants.

A sketchbook collection project is designed to get you sketching more, get your creative juices pumping, improve your sketching skills, and hopefully inspire you to find solace and joy in the act of drawing.   Regular practice of keeping a visual journal gets you sketching things that are descriptive of your own individual day-to-day life, self, thoughts and imaginings. A sketchbook collection can evolve into a description of your own self, your passions and pursuits, life as you see it.

Check out what “Kosh” says a sketchbook is worthy of:

FIRST:  Get/make yourself a sketchbook. Take a little time in your selection/preparation of it.  Artists collect and keep their sketchbooks for future references and inspirations.  Bind together about 20 pages of white paper. Don’t leave the pages loose and mixed with other subjects, but instead keep them separate in a specific sketchbook folder or collection. Or if you have your sketchbook from class or a ready-made one at home that’s fantastic!

SECOND:  Design a cover for your sketchbook.  Design it so it is clearly YOURS.  How can the cover reflect  the “YOU”?

THIRD: Email me your wishes for your use of the sketchbook – how can it be useful for you in this course right now?




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