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.        When the wind is in my hair, and sand in between my toes, I know Hawaii is the place to be. Starting by packing the bags, I smell the fresh clothe coming out of the dryer, into the suitcase being kept in the corner, for a day longer than it should. I stuff so many clothe into the bag, that all you can see is the fabric sticking out the sides. The whole family is packed; so next we drive to the airport. Waiting through customs takes a long time, and it is finally time to board the plane. The engine rumbled under our seats as it gets ready for takeoff, and were up into the sky. Off to Hawaii we go. Stepping off the plane, all we can feel is the warmth of the air against our skin, from being used to the cold rainy Vancouver weather. The Hotels there are clean, and beautiful, getting ready for the beach. I run to the water as the hot sand pierces the bottoms of my feet. The ocean water is much warmer than the Vancouver water, but a nice refresher against my hot skin. When you put on your snorkel mask, I can see all the fish on the see floor, and there bubbles tickle against my skin. After the ocean, you also have to go to the pool. Being naturally heated, it’s hot, and refreshing at the same time. I could swim in there for hours. It is always warm here in Hawaii. Never wearing a jacket, and sitting outside in restaurants, it is a truly great place to be. The anticipation, long beaches, and hot weather, all make Hawaii a fantastic place to travel.


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.          Out of all of the sports I have played, spring board diving is the most exciting of them all. You start by doing some dryland work. For every sport you need to be fit, so training is key. Getting on the mats, we do some core workouts like using our abs to suspend our legs slightly above the mats. V-snaps, planks, pushups, chin-ups and stair running is all a part of the daily training that we do for diving. Alongside the workouts, we do front flips and backflips onto mats, and workout on the trampoline. As fun as some of these may sound, once we are done, your whole body aches, and I can feel the sweat dripping down my face. When we are not training, we are diving in the water. When I first jump I get engulfed in the cold water, wanting to warm up under a towel. Nothing hurts more than when you kick out at the wrong time, and belly-flop into the water. Your whole body is red, and stings at the touch. However, nothings will feel better than when you finally do the dive perfectly and the water rushes past you as you enter the water. People clap when I come out of the water, just like they do when I learn a new dive. Once my dives are perfected, I can go to competition, to compete against team mates, and showcase what I have learned so far. We get scored on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being best. There is nothing better, than coming out of the water and hearing screams from everyone around you, congratulating your dive, and the judges giving you high scores. From Training, practice, then competitions, diving is an amazing and exciting sport.



.        My dog is the best dog in the world. When I was 8 years old, we got my dog while coming home from vacation, naming him copper. From that moment on, we knew that he would be the best dog ever. Copper is a golden retriever. He has what we hall “hippy hair” and, a black nose, that turns pink in the winter months. He has round oval eyes that always look sad, making you want to pet him all the time. He has bad dog breath that smells like rotten eggs sometimes, and a personality like a “surfer dude.” Sometimes he may do stupid things, but that makes him all the better. When we take Copper for walks, he heels nicely at my Dad’s side, and is always friendly to the other dogs that walk by, except when my Dad had a ball. When anyone has a ball, that is all Copper will pay attention to, and he’ll do anything to get. When my dog is at home, he stays quite most of the time, and when he does have to do any business, he does it in my sister’s room, so it is alright. He will always play games with you and will do just about anything to get his treat. Copper is always happy, fun to play with, and has a great personality, and is the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

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