Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

For our presentation, my main Contribution in the project was the literacy luminary. Our group did sections 1 and 2, so pages 31 to 40 in the small book. I read our pages in the book and found important quotes that introduced important literary devices. I examined these quotes to find similes and metaphors and other devices, as well as discover any deeper meanings. I did a visual picture that was Incorporated into the presentation that was a metaphor for the books being like slaughtered birds. I also came up with Ideas that could be used as connection to the real world, and came up with most of the words used in the project as vocabulary. I helped make the power-point, and Incorporated visuals into my slides that references the metaphors. In the Presentation, I presented my section of the literary quotes from the story, explained my visuals as well as aliyahs since she wasn’t there. I also read the vocab and definitions that was Tiana’s section during the presentation since she didn’t go up.