Self Assessment



Describe how the artifact you selected shows your strengths & growth in specific core competencies. The prompt questions on the left – or other self-assessment activities you may have done – may guide your reflection process.


I completed my project, Life is about experiences in English 10. I communicated with others to gain a better understanding of my experience by other opinions. I got my images in my online portions in the assignments by talking and asking others for sources. I felt that I improved upon my technological skill, using a new program on my computer. I used sway to do my project, and inserted images into the post. I felt I improved my creative thinking in coming up with new and interesting ways to discuss my thoughts and thinking throughout my experiences in life. I tried out new ways to demonstrate my thinking and the images that I see inside my head. I used social skills to use my own and families photos from my vacation in my project, and I demonstrated my learning.