Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

For our presentation, my main Contribution in the project was the literacy luminary. Our group did sections 1 and 2, so pages 31 to 40 in the small book. I read our pages in the book and found important quotes that introduced important literary devices. I examined these quotes to find similes and metaphors and other devices, as well as discover any deeper meanings. I did a visual picture that was Incorporated into the presentation that was a metaphor for the books being like slaughtered birds. I also came up with Ideas that could be used as connection to the real world, and came up with most of the words used in the project as vocabulary. I helped make the power-point, and Incorporated visuals into my slides that references the metaphors. In the Presentation, I presented my section of the literary quotes from the story, explained my visuals as well as aliyahs since she wasn’t there. I also read the vocab and definitions that was Tiana’s section during the presentation since she didn’t go up.


Blog log two

Trapped Beneath the Canyon


While reading the article Trapped by Aron Ralston, I learned about his survival story, and I was astonished by its captivating circumstances. This article was about Aron’s survival as his hand was trapped under a bolder for four days. He was hiking alone in a dangerous canyon, and he miscalculated his attempt to belay down the cliff; he ended up stuck there for four days without enough food or water. I chose to read this article because I too am interested in the outdoors and trying new adventures. After reading this, I realized the importance of planning ahead, being prepared, and to have someone know where you will be going at all times. Aron’s fatal mistake was not telling anyone where he was, and being ignorant of his own abilities. He assuming he could do something outside his capabilities. This article connects with me through my experiences in outdoor ed, a program I took here at riverside. We learned the importance of planning ahead to make sure everyone is safe that was similar to the theme of this article. The imagery in the novel was very vivid through explaining the canyon he was in, and through the “sick grayish colour” of his fingers. It offered insight into our lives by urging us not to complete his same mistakes through his own experiences. There are countless stories on the news of people going off trail and need rescuing by search and rescue that are similar to this article. Sometimes we become proud and don’t think that we need to take the time to be safe and use caution, but if we don’t use caution we could end up injured or lost. I was interested in this article because of its effective story telling, and the incorporation of an important life lesson.


Blog Log

Buying Experiences


I read the article Buying Experiences, Not things by James Hamblin and got amazing insight about the stem of our happiness and how to better improve our experiences. When we buy things, they are interesting and in use for about a week, but we may often get tired of the same old thing. We don’t have many happy memories of the times that we had something, and if we do, they are sometimes bland an usually unimportant; however, this article explains how buying experiences can make us happier. Buying things like vacations and movie tickets come with anticipation, and are generally tied with happy memories. I remember the times that I went to Australia with my family, or went to a concert with my friends more than I remember buying a new shirt.  I enjoyed this article because of its descriptiveness through its real life examples, and its insight into our actions. This topic relates to me because I want to live my life to the fullest, and achieve happiness in any way I can. It addresses the mindset of wanting to invest our money into opportunities instead of possessions. There has been some studies done that people with less money, are often happier than those with plenty of money. These people will often not spend all their profit on material things, but instead go somewhere and do something. This article establishes insight into the human condition, and may help us improve out happiness in the future. Using this information, I will try to save my money in the future to buy experiences instead of things, and try to make everyone around me happy.