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DNA Model

DNA makes up all living things, and identify’s us for who we are. There are genetic codes in each strand of DNA that makes each being, individual. The DNA Strand has two sugar phosphate backbones that holds it together. Attached to the two backbones are amino nitrogen bases that contain the specific genetic information, like the color of someones eyes. There are four nitrogen bases in the DNA. The four are Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine. Adenine and Thymine always pair together being known as base pairs, and Cytosine and Guanine always base pairs as well. The DNA’s shape is twisted into a double helix. If you looked strait down the center of a DNA strand, it would appear hollow. A section of the DNA is called a gene, and the DNA is found in chromosomes. Chromosomes are contained our body making us human. As a human, we are all 99.9% alike with our DNA, but the smallest change in the DNA pattern can make us look completely different than our neighbor.

RAC 2018

Though out the week, I have worked on my random acts of caring towards other people to ease their lives. I chose to hold the door open for other people and smile, and say please and thank you to people and be sincere about it. I chose to do these two things so I could effect many people that I may not know, and preform each act of kindness multiple times. While I was going into school in the morning, I would always open the door for people behind me, and they would always smile and say thank you in return. I tried to do this as many times as I could throughout the week, and when someone would hold the door open for me, in return I would smile at them and say thank you. Whenever someone would do something kind for me, I would always sincerely say thank you, and appreciate all their efforts. The people who received these random acts of kindness always smiles and appreciated my doings. They appreciate all the little things that people around us do for each other. Seeing these reactions made me feel fulfilled about my simple acts of kindness and inspired me to go out of my way to do something nice for other people. I enjoy seeing the pleased reactions of other people for doing something simple. Doing these random acts of kindness I became more aware of how I can effect other people. I learned to respect everyone and help people out when possible. I hope to continue these random acts of kindness through out the year, and for years to come. If I can make someones day better by doing something simple, I would honorably try to do it more often and inspire others to do the same. Preforming random acts of caring can enhance my leadership skills by learning to understand others, and acting in the benefit of other people to make their lives more enjoyable. I see other people holding the door for others and being kind to everyone. One nice gesture can lead to another from someone else. I hope to continue doing random acts of caring throughout my life and putting smiles on other peoples faces.