Environmental ethics

The 3 R’s song is a song that I always listened to growing up. I watched Curious George growing up, and this song was commonly used. Because the words are so catchy, and the song so upbeat, I remember it to this day. This song positively effected my environmental ethic, because of its promotion of reduce, reuse and recycling. I like to think that this song has helped me to realize my intentions towards the environment and be more cautious of my decisions

Phones have now become a necessity in every ones life. Ads like these have been playing for almost all my life, encouraging all of the public to buy new ones. This in my opinion is damaging on my environmental ethic. It is negative because the more new phones come out, the more I want to buy new ones. The need for constant new technology harms the environment because of the new materials that we are in constant need of. We take from the earth to get these new products, and use in for our benefit.

One thought on “Environmental ethics

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard that song! It’s a great message for kids! There were other songs I heard as a kid that reiterated the same message but I don’t remember them. In tomorrow’s lesson, we might add another R to this!

    The phone thing might be a good investigation into your next project. I too agree that this is a problem that our society chooses to ignore. I’m guilty of it too, but at least I can say I don’t buy the new phones when they come out, I only get a new phone when mine dies. I don’t imagine those people who lineup to get the first iPhone ___ think this way…

    Excellent. I look forward to hearing more about your environmental views.

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