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Super Typhoon Mangkhut, Philippines


Image result for super typhoon mangkhutSuper Typhoon Magnkut hit the northern tip of the Philippines September 15th 2019. The wind speeds of this typhoon stretched to 285 km/hr devastating the entire country as a category 5 typhoon. Tens of thousands of people have evacuated the coastal area’s because of this frightful storm, and threaten more than four million people. People have said, it was one of the most intense storms this year.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut Effected people living in the Philippines, and people around the world experiencing it second hand, as well as the ecosystems and animals living near by. Widespread floods and power outages came through the islands and stranded people through the massive wind storm. Communication was lost between people from the damage of cellular towers, and modes of communal transportation. Ferry systems were shut down in to the storm due to the high winds and waves, so people on the island were left stranded within. From this storm, ecosystems have been destroyed, and animals were left without their habitats and a limited food source. The typhoon caused trees to be blown over, and flooding within parts of the island destroying habitats of native animals in the Philippines. Houses and towers were blown out in the winds and some are completely destroyed.

The geological aspect of this storm were very prominent in my research of super typhoon Mangkhut.Image result for super typhoon mangkhut The heavy winds in the Atmosphere picked up tremendous speed, and picked up moisture from the ocean below. As it build up, it traveled to the Philippines, collectively growing larger by the hydrosphere. As it got closer to the Island, the typhoon teared up the lithosphere and the biosphere, ruining almost everything in its path. Typhoon’s only happen in the Northwestern Pacific Basin, which is referred to as 180° and 100°E in the northern hemisphere.

Image result for super typhoon mangkhut aftermathThe Philippines is hit by about 10 typhoons a year, so they are used to the destruction that they may cause. However, Super Typhoon Mangkhut was one of the strongest typhoons they have had this year. Since they are well experienced with typhoons near their land, the country was prepared ahead of time with precautions prepared encase catastrophe struck. The people in the country were sad by the loss of their homes, and destruction all around them, but as it was somewhat expected, they knew what might be coming. There is not much that the people may be able to do to improve the situation than they already have done. They could have built stronger structures, and backup drainage systems for net time a storm that size comes through, and even have food rations prepared. What is controversial would be the building of stronger buildings. Better structures could help with some of the weaker storms, but if something big came along, there is know way to know if these structures could withstand it. This then leads to the controversy if they were to spend more money on them or not. I feel depressed for the people who live in the Philippines that were effected by this typhoon, and more like it every year. They experience this devastation so much that they are almost used to the effects. Hearing some of their personal stories through videos has a huge effect on me, for connecting to it on a personal level. I now understand how the people that it effected aren’t just numbers, but people trying to survive, and help make their families and friends survive. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen if a storm like that hit Canada. Some solutions to the problem that I personally propose would be to advise some sort of plan for the water flow, to divert it from flooding the streets. I would also create a shelter from the wind, to shield some of the wind flow from the people. Super Typhoon Mangkhut was a devastating typhoon that depressed everyone effected by it.



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