2017 Data analysis thoughts

1.What role do statistics play in our society?

Statistics play a very important role in our society today. We use statistics for a lot of the things that we do in the modern world. We use them to find out everyone’s thoughts and common ideas through statistics. Statistics are used to let everyone have a say, and their voices to be heard. Common people contribute to the data being put forward, for a trustworthy step in broadcasting the data. Using Statistics, you can calculate data, that helps the common goal, benefiting the majority. Statistics show the majority of peoples opinions, while using them, and ways to improve our environment.

2. Explain anything new that you learnt from the article

When we see the Statistics on the news, they broadcast the most interesting, and that might get viewed more, opposed to Statistics have a wide variety of uses and the common ones. They use these to try to get the most views on the stories. You could also use statistics for personal causes and even ways to decide how you can live your life. Using statistics, you can Decide the general Idea’s, and what have happened in the past, and ways to prevent it happening in the future. Statistics can be very misleading and have a bias towards one side.

3. Problems with statistics.

When you read statistics you should never assume that all the info is true. When people gather statistics being use, the data that they collect may not always be correct. When you use incorrect data, you use the wrong statistics, and you may not get the results that you wish for. Sometimes, the people that produce the data may be recording on a certain side of the information, trying to get their side to win, so they may use incorrect numbers so they could prove themselves right. They may have a bias towards one side. Statistic that you use, may not be the correct statistics you use, or may not have the correct set of circumstances. Some wording of questions may also result in a certain direction of the statistics being recorded. The location where they record the data may also have a bias when using the statistics. On statistics, the percentage being used could also result with misleading information. Using different percentages, it could be recorded either a lot more, or a lot less. People may ask only 10 people and 20% say yes, while other may ask a lot more but only get 10% saying yes. The language that they use in the question may also be inaccurate. There may be wording in the question that could persuade you to choose a certain side. When looking for statistics, gather information from as many data bases as possible.

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