3 thoughts on “Modern Sonnets

  1. Jayna: None: Overcoming death: Not Clear: Sad: Hole: A Hole: Hole: 3rd Quatrain, they stopped talking about dying: Hole because it’s a hole.

  2. Jayna- No title
    Overcoming death. Talking about death and trying to overcome it, to become happy. It felt gloomy and sad, but strong. Cries, sorrow, weeping, disgrace. Pictured someone alone and quiet. Trying his best to overcome death.cries, weeping. The 3rd quatrain, they stop talking about death. We dig the ground into a hollow hole because we can’t dig the ground into nothing (hollow).

  3. Jayna no title
    This sonnet was about overcoming death
    They’re trying to say that death is nothing to fear.
    I felt sad while listening to it because the words hate and death.
    It makes me think of Humanity because of the words, Haze, death, and humans
    The Third quatrain stops talking about death
    We dig the ground into a hollow hole is my favourite line because its depressing

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