Electric House Jayden Wenzel

for science 9 i had to make a electric house and i needed to make a series and parallel circuit. after i made the 2 circuit i added in the carpet and wall paper and the hard wood floors. then finally i had to make a switch so for my first switch i had to use 2 brass fastners and a paper clip for my second switch i used a wire and a paper clip connected to the parallel circuit.

project questions:

1. you have three light bulbs. all have the same intensity when lit. explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in series by unscrewing one light bulb: because when you unscrew a light bulb from the series circuit it causes all of the other light bulbs would go out.

2.you have three light bulbs. all have the same intensity when lit. explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in parallel by unscrewing one light bulb: if one light bulb was to be unscrewed the lights would still work cause the flow or current is being forced into diffrent paths and then the lights still work.

3. you have 3 light bulbs. two are connected in parallel. this parallel combination is connected in series with the third light bulb: the lights would still work if one of them were to come out because the current would be traveling through all of the series and parallel.

4. in question number 3 describe the realative intensities of the two remaning lit bulbs if one of the bulbs in parallel were to be unscrewed: the light bulb would still work cause it would still travel the same but it would be the 1 light bulb thats is still lit.

Green House – Solution Fluency Jayden Wenzel

i have been hired by a family in vancouver who wants there house to be more eco friendly. there house is 2,456 square feet and they have around 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and they have around 12 windows and its 2 floors.

DEFINE: the challenge i have been given is that i have to make the familys house all eco with in 2 months. so first i have to find the best light bulbs so i went with LED light bulbs it costs around 8 dollars so i have to count the number of lights and how much it will cost to buy all of the new light bulbs. so theres 24 light bulbs in that house so 24*8 = 192 dollars for 24 led light bulbs. the next challenge i have to figure out is the appliences the old appliences uses more electricity and more wattage so you hydro bill will be more money. so i have to now go and find new appliences that use less electricity and less wattage. so i found a group of appliences for 1,200. then next final thing is windows i would have to buy new windows for the house and there are 12 windows so i have to find eco windows that helps my house examples: keeping the house at a safe temperature so the gas bill wont go up. the eco windows cost around 100 dollars each so i have to times by 12 and to install and put in the eco windows is 1,200.

DISCOVER: the problem that has been adressed by others were that the house was not doing well and making the rent or morgage would be way more expensive. were if the house were to go eco friendly the bill will be reduced a lot.

DREAM: so solutions for this project would be to renovate everything and make the house eco friendly.

DELIVER: so 3 details that were my problem were the windows appliances and light bulbs those were the few items that were increasing a much higher electric bill were since we put in and installed new appliances and light bulbs and windows the house bill should go down alot.

Jayden Wenzel and Caleb Schoonen Block B Set B.C project

in the set B.C project Caleb and I have chosen the topic of how does trash and litter affect the coquitlam river. And our target audience is riverside. we have found out that there a whole lot of pollution and garbage surrounded the whole river were we had filmed and then we ended up making a PowerPoint and putting it to youtube.

from the begging of our Project Caleb and myself have been collaborating on who is going to do the research and whos going to do the video and i was picked to do the video and then caleb would be doing the research. but for the first couple of weeks we both were off task and so finally near the end we had collaborated on to make a new video from scratch and then put in new research into our video and when everything was done we were both very happy to finish set b.c project.

Jayden Wenzel Science 9 Block B Wonder Question

for my wonder project i really wanted to figure out about is there living things in space and i really wanted to reserch it. i was amazed at how many stars were in our solar system and how big the milky way is. the question i had chose was if theres life on another planet what implications would that have for humans. and when i reaserched it i had saw that nasa had alot of information about the stars the moon and the project to try and make mars just like earth and see if theres water on mars to start life.



1) what questions did you need to research in order to research your topic
i had to search If there’s life on another planet what implications would that have for humans? and i got alot of answers

2) what new familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?
i didnt use any new tools i justed used word

3)what was the process you used to investigate the topic?
i started off with hows many galaxies are there in our solar system them my teacher and i brain stormed and came out with the new questions If there’s life on another planet what implications would that have for humans?

4)how did you verify and cite the information you had found?
i typed If there’s life on another planet what implications would that have for humans.gov

5) how did the process of completing this challenge go? what could you have done better?
i think i could have tried alittle harder with research and a little more detail.

My setting/ Character/ Theme project

1. Out of the three mini-projects you completed, which one are you most proud of ? One sentence: my letter to character because i liked the project because it looked creative and im creative.

2. Why did you choose to do this option out of the choices available? One to two sentences: I wanted to choose the letter to character because its different because I like to creative write and I love to draw.

3. What are your strengths as a learner and how do you learn best? Use paragraph planner to write your draft, and then write it down: my best strengths as a learner is when I am alone or when we do a drawing project and I understand the project. i learn best best when i have a little help from the teacher to get a better understanding of the project.


Jayden Wenzel Block B

Jayden Wenzel TOKTW

name of your host: Chantal Verlaan Relationship to you: My mom

The Interview : (ask your host these questions)

1. What is your job title? secretary

2. What is your job discription?my moms the head Secretary and she acts as the confidential secretary to the Administrator and performs a variety of clerical duties to ensure the efficient operation of the school office. The School Administrative Secretary that my mom performs a work leadership role and relieves the Administrator of organizational detail wherever possible by dealing with matters not requiring the Administrator’s personal attention.

3. what are the duties/or tasks you preform at your job?

1. Acts as a secretary for the Administrator by processing confidential material, scheduling appointments, taking minutes, arranging meetings, composing routine correspondence and providing orientation to replacement staff.
2. Acts as a receptionist by greeting and directing visitors, answering the telephone, taking messages, monitoring students and providing information, assistance and support to students, staff and the general public.
3. Types a variety of correspondence, memos, report cards, bulletins and reports from copy or rough draft, verbal instruction and/or dictation by using a computer and typewriter.
4. Maintains student records such as permanent record cards, registrations, transfers, attendance and other student demographic information, including Ministry data, by using a computer, a typewriter, or hand-writing.
5. Processes student registrations by performing such duties as examining and verifying supporting documents, and ensuring complete and accurate information is obtained for registrants.
6. Performs bookkeeping duties such as collecting cash, counting and verifying monies collected from student fees, fund raising, vending machines, school store and other activities, preparing and delivering bank deposits, preparing and co-signing cheques, reconciling bank statements, calculating rebates, and maintaining petty cash including block funding reimbursements, school accounts and records of school financial transactions.
7. Coordinates preparation and distribution of material and information for school opening, day-today, and year end procedures.
8. Receives, opens, sorts and distributes incoming mail and deliveries; prepares outgoing mail and parcels.
9. Maintains and requisitions office supplies and assists with annual general orders, verifies receipt of goods and prepares invoices for payment.
10. Performs a work leadership role and participates in the work of support staff as required
11. Works under the direction of the school administrator to identify clerical needs for peak periods and absences, and arranges work schedules to cover these needs.
12. Operates a variety of office equipment such as a computer, printer, typewriter, photocopier, calculator, fax machine, telephone, P.A. system and other related equipment.
13. Performs a variety of general clerical duties such as maintaining office records, filing and photocopying.
14. Performs related duties as required

4. What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas:

a) training? computer skills, math skills, spelling,reading, writing, and understanding english

b) educatcation? some colledge education

c) experience? previous secetarial experiance

d) skills and attributes( personal qualities)? my mom was in perchasing in the board office and leadership experiance

5. what are some things that you like about your job? my mom likes dealing with people

6. what are some dislikes about your job? my mom has no dislikes

7. how do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so? new sofware that teachers can access the student files

Student Reflections:

1. give three reasons why you would like this job (be specific)

a) because i can comunicate with other people and have a better social skills

b) because i can have longer lunch hours

c) because i can learn new things each day

2. Give three reasons why you would not like this job (be specific)

a) because the parent would be speaking another language that i wouldnt understand

b) because there would be too many thing or tasks that i have to do at once

c) because there would be assembys that i would have to arrange

3. is this job for you? Why or Why not

i dont think it would be a job for me because it would be annoying everyday haveing someone nagging at you. but i really like going with my mom to her workabd see what she does.

4. Explain the value of the TOKTW experience in realations to your ideas about your post secondary plans.

well i would apply for a tech team or start off at best buy and get my knowledge in tech and then go to a buisness or a plant thats all about tech. another job i would be is a teacher i would like to become a teacher because you get to see new faces each day and have your own class and teach.