Lit Circles Stop Motion – Little Brother

This Is our Stop motion video from the Book Little Brother, this stop motion represents some of the more relevant acts in the story. This stop motion was my favorite project from this semester since it was easy to do and it was all about being creative when you were arranging everything in the video.

COL Power Solution Fluency

Solution Fluency
Is there any way to use nonelectric cars without air pollution happening?
Define: We want to find a way to use gas cars without creating loads of pollution?
Do electric Cars Actually have a difference in air pollution?
Is there any way for the people to reduce the amount of air pollution?
What are the significant changes that have occurred since the birth of gasoline to motorized vehicle?

From our perspective as a group, we think this example will explain our thinking. If 20 people used their cars to drive to work, there would be tons of air pollution. If those 20 people could take the bus or sky train instead of their cars, the pollution would be at a lower rate and it would be more efficient for people to commute instead of waiting in traffic and burning more fuel. It would be more effective, and it would make the earth sustainable and healthier.
Dream: One way of solving this problem is to uses public transit and commutes or even ride sharing to help keep the environment more sustainable. Public Transit could help the environment for many people by other people going together. If 20 people drove their cars to work tons of pollution would happen. If 20 people went on the bus, there would be a lot less pollution. Another way to solve this problem would be things like sky trains which do not use any type of gas and can carry hundreds of passengers at a time.
Deliver: 1) I believe this solution would work, the less use of people driving cars would result to less people on the roads and more people in public transit areas. With this happening, the gas content in the air would go down and the oxygen levels would increase immediately. Air pollution also has a negative effect on people so to decrease it would make everything more accessible. 2)it can reduce waste in the air, and it can make sure oxygen is clean for us to breath also make sure trees don’t die. 3) There both positives and negatives to this, the negative part to this is that its extremely inconvenient for everyone. It is way easier for people to use their own personal vehicles than to go with random people on a packed bus or train.
5) Debrief: Finding the solution to this problem wasn’t hard but it was making sure the solution was effective and it would be a positive to everyone. The Bus and the transit are smart, but it is extremely hard to for everyone to go on the transit. The emissions are always going to be around from the factories, but we can reduce it by not drying cars. I think a good solution would be for people who live far away from their destination should be able to drive their cars but people who destinations are close they should take transit.