“Tell Tale Heart” -alternate ending in new point of view.

The point of view I chose was objective.

Knocking at the door he ran down the stairs, collected himself and opened the door. With a deep breath he invited the three police officer’s in to talk. He place three chairs in the exact room the fresh cut up body rested under the wooden planks. He acted cool with all of this. Slowly a sound grew louder in his head. It was the heartbeat, the heartbeat he claimed to be the old mans. Louder and louder he began to go insane. He began cursing, he raved and he foamed. He through the chair to the side ripped the wood planks up, yelled: “HERE, HERE!” The body was shown to the police officer’s and they knew, the knew the truth; this man was criminally insane. The three officer’s soon clenched cold, metallic and heavy handcuffs to the crazy man’s wrists. He would be locked up for the rest of is life.

Week 8 Math 10

This Week in Math 10…

Week 8 was continuing on from last week when we began Trigonometry, this week was just an addition to the lessons. We looked into how to find missing angles using Trig. It took me longer to figure out than any other thing for this unit.

In both shade of blue you have the BASICS. A right triangle, a missing angle, the measurements 30 m and 12 m. In red I wrote ‘What I Know’. I can easily find all the sides if I have an angle and a right angle. I labeled each side along with L M S witch tells me normally the hypotenuse is the L / Large as it is the longest side, and where ever the reference angle is, directly across from it is the M / Medium side that is exactly the same rule for finding the opposite side. That leaves the adjacent side leftover to mark S / Small. In black there is the equation to solve for the missing angle, in this case you only have the numbers 30 and 12 and once you have labeled their sides you use SOH CAH TOA and solve. In this case I used sine as i had labeled and found out that the hypotenuse is 30 m and 12 is the opposite side. Once I plugged them into the equation for sine, I found that I didn’t have the angle so using algebra knowledge you have to get theta by its self. In order to do that you have to use INVERSE SINE. You can do this for all, cosine or tangent. and just right it with a negative one as I did in the photo. Hint: There should be a button on your calculator! I got the result 24 out of all of that! In green I added a hint, that symbol thats in the spot where the angle should be is a greek letter called THETA. It is used a lot in math especially in angles.



A Sense of Excellence.

A SENSE of Excellence.

By Jayden Bawden.


To experience a great breakfast is to feel energized after a great meal.

Is breakfast an essential in everyones daily routine? What is your favourite part? The eggs? The bacon? Toast?

Is it your local neighbourhood greasy spoon? Or your go to with Grandma?

Denny’s, the one stop breakfast joint that everyone enjoys. Greeted at the door, I find myself falling in love with the surrounding environment. The smile I receive is given by the host. It was warming. The over whelming aroma of freshly brewed coffee that when is stirred looks like a black whirlpool and of course the bacon that is undeniably the most distinctive, welcoming scent of all. Tight booths, glossed wooden tables, green napkins embracing the cutlery with a snug, warm hug, a horizontal bar where the kitchen staff is, thin green carpet covering the floor like fresh snow on the tip of a mountain. Once seated, looking at the menu, it’s a tough decision of what to eat. Normally, going for the Classic Eggs Benedict; an easy buy, or Moons Over my Hammy; a simple, and reasonable price, I want a fulfilling meal that can fuel me before a soccer match or create a warm temperature through my whole body after play in the icy, cold rain. I go for the scrumptious sandwich,

Moons Over my Hammy. Laughing, orders being taken by involved employee’s, newspapers flipping,  and of course the MMMMM that comes out of my dad at the end of the table where he sinks his teeth into fluffy, yet cooked to perfection pancakes. All sound waves are traveling amongst each other like the employees delivering meals. Warmth, with eggs that are fluffy, ham that is smokey, swiss cheese and cheddar cheese that’s melted to perfection all in my mouth at once. Denny is not just the name of your favourite relative but your favourite breakfast spot too.

Jayden Bawden

Denny’s, Your Timing is a Bit Off

First They Came For…

Adapted from the poem by Martin Nïemöller “First They Came for the Jews” in response to the poem “Danger of Silence”

First they came for the outcasts,

and I did not speak out

because I was not a outcast.

then they came for the special needs,

and I did not speak out

because I was  not a special need.

Then they came for the boys,

and I did not speak out

because I was not a boy.

Now when will they come for me

because I was too busy or too apathetic

to defend my sisters and brothers?



What it mean to be human…

Humans want to communicate

Humans have/ need a dream

Humans have a desire to help others

Humans seek happiness

Humans need friends/Humans need companions

Humans want to learn/ seek knowledge

Humans need to express their emotions

Humans can be ignorant and should be more aware

Humans are violent

Humans fight for what they believe in

Humans have conflict/war

Humas prevale dispute conflict

Humans may abuse power

Humans evolve

Humans want to be remembered because most like recognition

Humans disagree

Humans may be discriminatory/racist

Humans like to make our lives easier and better

Humans like to help and fight against perceived injustice

Humans are curious and seek knowledge

In the book The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, I learned that emotions play a huge part in humans lives. The book is about a gorilla, however, the characteristics and emotions I felt I could easily put myself into the character of Ivan and feel what he was feeling. Ivan was a gorilla who was alone in a cage and learned to paint and have fun within his cage. He was abused by the zookeeper and made friends with other animals but he taught me you will go through hard times and abuse, verbally, mentally, or physically but, you can over come them in time. Ivan finishes by finding something that motivated him to overcome the past wounds and memories and try to help the someone who motivated him. With this story I learned there will be hard times and memories that may last forever, but, you will break that shell and experience a whole different world and meaning of life.

Whats in my Junk Food?

NYF Classic Poutine (Regular Size)

When I go to the mall, which might be too often, I try to time it towards lunch time just to get ‘my poutine’. NYF Classic Poutine is my favourite. Its a quick little stop in-between hitting stores with friends or family. Unfortunately I know its not the greatest for me, however once or twice in about   2 months shouldn’t be to bad.

A regular sized, Classic Poutine has 950 calories, 50g fat, 1150mg sodium, 7g fibre, 2g sugar, and 19g protein. This is all put together by using, crispy, browned french fries, a hearty meat gravy, and basic cheese curds. Not the greatest. Having a ton of calories is not beneficial to my health at all. neither the amount of sodium, its through the roof!




May Reflection

Lasagna Roll Ups Reflection 

I chose to reflect on this as it has been one of my favourite labs so far. I will be making this at home and I also liked it as we did it over a couple of days. More work!





Final Product:



  1. I enjoyed this lab a lot, I like two part labs that expand over a day. They are fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly, we made a mistake but it was fun and I actually might use it again, compared to other labs.
  2. Our product was close to perfect besides the one mistake of not putting the cheese in the roll up and instead we put it on top. Still tastes the same if not better! Other than that it was what we had hoped it would be.
  3. Our group is big on equality so we all pitched in fairly. No problems occurred.
  4. When I go to do this lab at home, because my parents liked the idea of it, I might add more seasoning and flavour, made another type of cheese and less sauce on the bottom of the pan as I felt it was to much.